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Broken Head Bolt In My Flathead Ford

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    I should have kept a coffee can of broken bolts and fittings I removed. I have drilled a few and did one a little while ago, was feeling frisky and picked up the drill and punched straight thru. If you are using a buzzer 3/32 7018 is the real way to fly. But,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I understand your spot.
    There are some tricks and been doing this along time, probably in the hundreds. The auto hood has made this a lot easier.
    One of the tricks about metallurgy,,, not that I know anything but the lock washer is just hard enough to add a little carbon to the mix and increases the twisting power. Click image for larger version

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      I wonder if using a punch and just going clockwise into the jacket would have worked.


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        Any update on this thread?
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          Originally posted by smawgmaw View Post
          Any update on this thread?
          My plan worked and the tractor is up and running. I ground the broken bolt flat in the hole with the bit pictured earlier. Drilled out the bolt and chased the threads clean. I free handed the drilling due to wobble in the drill press.
          Click image for larger version

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            I've done a good many with TIG. I build up a ball on the broken bolt. When the ball is big enough, I can grip it with Vice Grips. At first, move so little you can barely tell you tried. Wiggle back & forth as long as it takes, or it breaks off. Should it break off, weld another ball on. Each cycle of heating & cooling will serve to shrink the male stud & crush the rust. Might take a few cycles of welding a ball on before you free it up.

            Certaneum once made a stick rod specifically for this. They claimed the flux would protect the female threads if the stud was less than flush.
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              Several companies make rods specifically for bolt extraction. I have two brands, one from Rockmount and it might be the certanium brand, called extractalloy. I’ve used both successfully. Problem is, I have almost 10 lbs of the extractalloy and I might have used a dozen or so sticks since I’ve had it and it was expensive.

              Glad to hear you got it running though.