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  • Franz©
    If I can find the book for my 57 with the chainsaw trencher I'll post the PTO pics along with the crawler drive employed while cutting.
    They brazed a gear around the emergency brake drum driven by a slider gear on a jackshaft for the crawler. A 3 speed gearbox in the cargo area drives the sliding gear shaft.
    The instruction I love is aboot(c) dewinding torque from the drive train when using the machine to backfill. Every half hour you should back the machine up half a mile or more to prevent torque damage.

    There was a hotrod jeep similar to the one you built called Jeepster as I recall. Definitely wasn't aluminium though, and very few existed. Jeep also built station wagons with a Buick V-6 drivetrain.

    Late 50s - early 60s, somebody manufactured a 3/4± size copy of the CJ-2 called a "peep". They sold to anybody who would buy a trailer load of them, and all were yellow. I never managed to get into one even though the dealer was 7 miles from the house.

    Company called Roof, a roofing equipment manufacturer, came along in the early 60s with a half size copy of CJ-2 that was a lawnmower carrying a 4 blade rotary deck under the vehicle. Power company here had 3 of them for the crews that did mowing of all company properties. The copy of the bodywork was very faithful considering the purpose of the machine. Mower guys loved them because they drove and cut well.

    Today there remains a Filipino company still manufacturing pretty much a complete line of early Jeep replacement parts & components. The PI was for years the mecca of stretched jeeps being used for every possible purpose, although primarily human jitneys.

    The worship is so complete many argue Minneapolis Moline airport tractors were developed as Jeep prototypes.

    I own a 52 Dodge M-37 pickup slightly modified and long ago lost count of the number of people who insisted it's a jeep product. Can't convince em that was the M-715 clusterfuji built to get government sales. Also own a genuine 2 wheel drive 6 cylinder AMC PostOffice jeep with the steering wheel on the right and giant rear door for loading mail. It escaped PostOffice ownership in the narrow time frame between being transferred to local governments and some politicial deciding all PO jeeps were to be crushed to prevent more hippies from relettering them to read USe Pot and driving them around. Post Office seemed to think that was a poor image to cultivate.

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  • Noel
    I know everyone who owns a jeep or a willy's thinks 4x4 off road, goes anywhere and such, but I'm a city guy.
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ID:	605170No top and legal to drive with no doors. What's not to like?

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    This in back story was started before automatic jeeps were readily available. I was approached in building one but the fellow, a quadriplegic did eventually find one and this just went along that line but stalled when other interests became more pressing.

    Never seen a CJ1 before. Heck, until you posted that Franz I didn't even know they existed? Even more so, the locations a PTO could be attached to power implement accessories. I sent it to my farm cousin and he replied he's keeping his tractor.

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  • aametalmaster
    I heard about them in the early 70's just never saw any. My Fiat/Jeep will do it LOL. Drive thru the fields that is...Bob

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  • Franz©
    started a topic For the Jeep kids

    For the Jeep kids

    CJ-1 models even