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    Don't have the right wrench, no problem. Just pull a Noelmatic out of your pocket and spin that fastener.

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    Lol. Go ahead, make fun of the Canadian. But if that was a loonie, you'd be measuring in millimetre accuracy. 1/2" + 3mm.


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      Originally posted by Noel View Post
      Lol. Go ahead, make fun of the Canadian. But if that was a loonie, you'd be measuring in millimetre accuracy. 1/2" + 3mm.
      NEVER! How could I make fun of people who gave up 5 quart Imperial gallons for liters of fuel? Yall got Montreal, Toronto and Quebec, and you're mandated to habla that french talk. You got no personal guns, National Health and Justeen Twinkletoes for a PM, or is that BM.
      You got a tax structure that will choke an alligator and a bunch of trees and the world's first environmentally friendly ship breaking yard on Sewer Erie.

      Besides I'm too close to the shore of Sewer Ontario iffin yall decide to invade. You guys got some fast paddlers in the combat canoes you call a navy.
      I'd swing up to see the CNE once moe in my life, but if I do I'll have to stay cause I can't get back into the country I was born in without a Passport. If I sneak back in it's 3 years in the slammer cause I'm a citizen/taxpayer, unlike the undocumented immigrants coming to attend CowLedge free and collect welfare.


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        You know when you go and mention the trading of gallons for liters, that like rubbing salt on a wound. Blame the Liberals. Same group that started taking away the guns and ownership of them . Do the math on that one.

        Butt muncher works just fine. I'm almost of the belief that things couldn't get must worse, but I know they will. The thought of 6 months of winter does that to a guy, brings out a degree of negative thinking on how stupid my fellow Canadians really are.
        I think they might actually re-elect a Liberal majority again? I'd like to blame it on the legalization of weed. That's a distraction that will keep you away from the polls. And they know Canadians won't gather in mass when it's cold out unless it's to celebrate a hockey game? We still send letters.

        I think if you stay you'd make a great PM.


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          As I read it, there is NOTHING stopping yall from dissolving that misguided confederation and reforming leaving Quebec and Ontario out completely, and you just might want to cast a hard eye on Newfoundland before letting them in.

          Might suggest to HRM Lizzy her lands in your neighborhood have been confiscated and will be auctioned off just for giggles. She can pack all her flight rady planes on that new Carrier she just floated and get it towed to Toronto or Coburg and make loud threats since lesser britania can't put 20 fighters i the air on any given day. Maybe she can send her Army to dance with your Army if you ever get your equipment off the ships that hauled it back from the Desert. Just be a wee bit careful if she sends them fellows wearing skirts and playing lovely melodies on bagpipes. They can be a bit testy when it's cold.

          Sorry to hear you had to cut back to just 6 months of Winter, we too may have to cut back in NY State thanks to our rodent faced dictator.
          Are you still allowed to point at Mounties with rolls of toilet paper around their heads and laugh or is that criminal now up there. I keep seeing bulletins on Kinder Gentler PC Canahodia.


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            I'm going on record to say in 89 I originally opposed Mounties wearing a Turban in uniform.
            I'm also pleased to announce, that opinion has since changed.

            Going to take some new blood and fresh faces to turn that organization around. Funny how the old guy at the top of the drug force is leading the cannabis industry by the short and curliest of hairs.


            But that said, I find as I get older I really don't care as much about somethings and sometimes wonder why I did. Turban over a Stetson, I like the turban better.

            Sikhs, in this case Baltej Dhillon's effort, laid the ground work for changing the protect every head approach law to mandatory helmet wearing.


            Funny thing about change, it usually comes about by the strangest of interventions.
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