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  • New necessity for Noel

    Saw this door hanger upper for painting and figured I'd swipe it for you. Might even work better than using rods i the window channel and hanging em from the roof. Got wheels to.

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    Here I was trying to forget those doors and you go and remind me of them and the work they will bring. Oh the pain.

    But sometimes a little push is all it takes. I'm going for a drive, assuming the rest of the world is lazy, who knows, could be worth the price of gas going for a look. Beside free, I see castors and that is always a plus under anything I build.


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      Not just road trip, but read this when you get back.
      Hope you took the large trailer for that haul. Looks like Junque for winter projects.

      I once made a dedicated knocking fork so my bud at the school district warehouse could remove all the casters from tables he was sending to the dumpster. I have no idea what he did with his share but my 28 all got used. The educated people he reported to were sure them casters couldn't be removed so just dumpster the whole table and pay the bulk rate charges too.

      Too mucho edumification packed into their minibrains.


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        Looks like someone beat me to that pile of crap. But yea, like Homer with a doughnut, free castors I start to drool. Who wants to lift when they can push, roll or adjust with castors. Not me.
        Heavy objects that don't roll are a disservice to mans genius of making life less hard in my books. Heck, your picture proves it. I just have to engineer out collapsible for storage. Or a secondary purpose. I figured to recycle what wouldn't be quickly used for something, But I had a couple of ideas you bet. I do have an empty van just sitting there and with freezing temps, I'm not going out there to work on it untill it warms up. If thats next spring so be it.


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          Hey, don't feel like the Lone Ranger.
          Metalico started calling the cops on me for sitting on the public street offering higher prices for "scrap" I wanted. The other yard in town made it abundantly clear betting a worker he couldn't throw a couple items on my trailer was a BIG NO.

          A pile like the one in that ad wouldn't last log enough here for the Code Compliance swine to issue a citation.