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1976 Quadrajet Factory Settings?

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    Yes I used to be but weren't most men? I was never one to care much for what the law thinks. However, one day and many thousand dollars latter we realize it is time to grow up. One sad day I realized my horse shoe shapped 2 door 79 Cutlass was no General Lee and my 65 F-100 with another blown engine was no 1970 Dodge Challenger.


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      It'll take a while Chris, but the day will come when getting there a bit later won't matter in the overall scheme of things.

      Shoot, I felt a lot better when I calculated out what it would have cost to store that new 66 production Cobra Carole Shelby was trying to sell me.
      Inflation calculator made me feel better too.
      Probably would have smashed it up anyhow.
      Or somebody would have swiped it like my 66 Chevelle.

      Actually, I found the haulazz and braking of the little woman's 13 Hyundai Sonata quite impressive, and her 12 Sonata was no slouch either, the few times I drove it. Maybe it's just slower reaction time.

      Last ticket I got to the Policeman Ball was from the granddaughter of the cop who sold me the first for 85mph passing a slowpoke. She got me for a burned out headlight which I had discovered 20 minutes earlier. Little beach generated me a ticket from her in car computer printer. Family genetics in her family lend to the entire group being rectums.