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1976 Quadrajet Factory Settings?

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    I like that you’re choosing to do something hard. Makes it cool. Old neighbor of mine bought an old ford galaxy 500. Had no earthly idea what he was doing and just started taking stuff apart. Came over and asked if I could help him get the heads off. I went over there and asked him if he know what he was looking at. He said “ya, a ford 500 cubic inch engine”. Nah man. It’s a 390 FE series. Ford-Edsel. I guess I could’ve Franz-ed him, but I’m nicer than he is.

    I love it when people take old ford stuff and make it chooch. It’s so easy for a guy to drop a stinkin small block Chevy in something. Can’t blame a guy though, you can get parts at frickin Walgreens for them. I have a 4.3 I’m planning on transplanting into my Jeep, so I can’t throw too many stones.


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      The Vortec 4.3 is a good engine. Seen several over 300,000 miles. Around the 200,000 mile mark it will need a distributor and timing chain replaced. Nothing major comes to mind.


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        You can stuff anything you want into any kind of hole but some things do fit better then others. I'd go with easy.

        I've attached a few exploded views of the carb or what I guess it to be. I can email you the PDF if you PM with a email address.
        Click image for larger version

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        As far as the heads, I'd disassemble, wire wheel the crusty off, check for stem wear, if no burnt or broken valves, relapping and reassemble.
        Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_8891.JPG
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ID:	600211While you've really given away little information on the condition of the rest of the engine, a little effort goes a long way to fixing things for the better. Don't over think it. You do that it's going to cost you more money. New valves, seals, valve guides, springs, keepers, screw in studs and nuts. Why stop there, roller rockers and new push rods, maybe some lifters and why not do a cam and timing chain? Some point too ask, why not go LS and fuel injection?


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          I overhauled the engine in 2013. It should be fine unless the lean condition broke some of the top rings. No signs of cylinder scaring when I pulled the heads. Here is what it looked like a couple of years ago when I was experimenting with a high volume pump and low pressure. Didn't help any climbing hills when loaded so I went back to the 6 psi 33 gallons an hour pump. Didn't want to invest too much into this temporary engine. I have another engine family in the works now. The group will see more on it once I start on the bell housing.

          Notice the 440 air cleaner? It is from a 1974 motor home. The ducts are the heater ducts from the same motor home. The Thermoquad is on a shelf waiting for me to make up my mind.

          Click image for larger version

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          Click image for larger version

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            9° cold start sounded too good not to record. Tee shirt weather for some of the northern members.



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              You mentioned old Ford parts and it makes sense now. Nice old truck. Sounded cool...not like the weather cool. Lumpy cam cooler. I read the full choke mention but still, rumpha, rumpha, rumpha.
              I also like the breather. I'm a sucker for twins. And the duct work, that was bonus point on follow thru.


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                Love those old ford trucks. She sounds like a pile of ponies gettin ready for a 1/4 mile sprint.


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                  453 with Jake in front of 13 speed Road Ranger into a divorced transfer case kids.

                  Love that Jake rolling downhill into the village.


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                    All this engine talk woke me up. I too have a BB Ford waiting to go into my '64 Fairlane. I got rid of my spare 429 and my old 302 when i moved. There also is a 503 GMC straight 6 that was here at the farm when i moved in. It was the spare motor from my uncles semi who also lived here. It would be a cool rat rod engine...Bob
                    Bob Wright

                    Spool Gun conversion. How To Do It. Below.


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                      That’s the best idea I’ve heard in a good while.