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  • I feel lost

    Hello from one of the long lost old timers from the beginning of the Miller forums! 6 years ago I developed viral meningitis and began a downhill spiral where I lost a lot of my memory. Some things are vaguely familiar but others not so much, anyway I have a brand new Dynasty 200 DX that is 6 years old with maybe 5 hours on it, I need some starting perimeters to try to weld some aluminum. I might need a video if someone has a link to such things! I am at starting zero again and can’t remember a thing hardly! If it’s easier you can email me at

    Any help is appreciated thanks,

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    Good luck with that Paul. I have limited background with the type of problems your facing. However, having been around the block, there are strategies to help those with memory loss or with impairment to retaining memories, to adapt.


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      Welcome back! Sorry to hear of your issues but glad you are well enough to start playing with a welder. Sorry I can't help with the Dynasty. Best of luck and all the good vibes.
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