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They shot a movie once, in my home town.

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  • They shot a movie once, in my home town.

    One of my favorites. Fast Company. I'm just not in it. But George Buza is and I shook his hand. Nicest bad guy I ever met.

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    SO...…...what is the name of the movie?
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      It was called Fast Company.
      Filmed in and around Edmonton 1979, at the now long gone but fondly remembered Edmonton International Speedway. It took an "R" rating because it showed some cleavage.
      The other name of interest is Chuck Chandler. A local celeb in his own right as a radio personality of Am 630 CHED, he also interviewed John and Yoko in Montreal.


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          Everybody was in it, from miles around.
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            You know, I don't always give the City of Edmonton the credit it deserves. It's kept clean, mostly safe, and it has lots to offer a variety of tastes with it's diversity. We have a river running thru town and a pretty developed valley to go with it.
            It also doesn't get the recognition it should against other Alberta Cities and towns because frankly, it's in the middle. It doesn't have to compete. From east to west, you pass thru us. North and South, same thing. We are the neutral axis. Neither compression or strain. You have to really twist to see us change.

            But I'm not in it. Not a single scene.


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              Too bad your hockey team has been pooping in the bed.


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                Originally posted by ryanjones2150 View Post
                Too bad your hockey team has been pooping in the bed.
                LOL. Ain't that the truth!
                But while we are giving confessions, I'm not a sports fan. Although I actually live a 15 minute walk from the old Northlands Colosseum, Rexall Arena... I haven't been to a game since Gretzky left town. No longer hanging the City of Champions slogan since 2015, we've been down graded to plain old City of Edmonton. See, it's like I said, we don't try very hard because we're the neutral axis. I'd call it...City of Edmonton, a relaxed place to be.