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    I have a system where every year I get new windows. Usually in the spring. That's typically when I remove and wash them. It works for me.

    That attic fan is an under looked item. While I didn't go all in, when I replaced the insulation in my attic space I installed one on one end to vent just from a cord. Salvaged the squirrel cage and motor from the old furnace. It's actually pretty nice up there now. The fan's still up there.

    I'm going to take a picture of the inside of that tank to show you but it really didn't look that bad inside. And I'm going to take that old pump further apart when I'm done just because that's what I do. It isn't dead to me just yet.

    While the tank has a cover, my need for a MF hammer would have been to clear the notion of easy from my mind before I bought it. But I'm no quitter.


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      Problem I've noticed with tanks, at least around here, is they seem built to be opened and reclosed a limited number of times in relation to the fuel pump hatch.
      1 replacement seems doable, 2 if you have a lot of luck and a contributing connection to an approved church. 3 that sumbeach ain't sealing and it leaks just enough to trigger the fuel system sensors on the OBD computer so the vehicle can't pass inspection.

      I ever need to address another tank I plan to BubbleYum the access hatch and vacuum test before the tank goes back on.

      The in tank pumps can be quite useful, particularly if you can drop them into a tank to act as a sump pump. They ain't much good or long lasting pumping water though.


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        Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_7107.JPG
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ID:	604640It seems when the pump assembly is easy to get at the cost to replace is higher? I'm still waiting for mine to arrive but decided with a break in the weather to pull it out and be ready to install the new one.
        Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_7108.JPG
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ID:	604641Nice and clean in the tank. No appearance of rust or corrosion. I doubt it was replaced judging by the condition of what was removed.
        Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_7113.JPG
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ID:	604642This is not going back together. It didn't want to come apart either. I was expecting to see the brushes, what surprised me was the copper wire wrapped around the two small carbon/graphite rods. They got unraveled as this came apart but untill they did, I still held hope to put it back together. That hope was lost to be replaced with further destruction and mayham.

        Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_7115.JPG
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ID:	604644Guess it does have an intank filter. That's it.
        Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_7116.JPG
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ID:	604643I of course unwrapped it to see it's length. 30' of a paper type material, fiber cloth of some kind and seemingly packed tightly into a small package. At the bottom of the pump assembly was a pick up mesh screen. While not seeing anything that stood out, it's not going back together either.

        I did end up with a couple of horse shoe magnets for my troubles.


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          Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_7118.JPG
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ID:	604801Well the new pump arrived. What a thing of beauty. It paid to wait to the tune of $300+ for it's arrival. Installation was a breeze and the Kia started right up.

          Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_7120.JPG
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ID:	604802However once again troubles arose. The seam of the plastic coolant reservoir was leaking and upon removal it was discovered the reason why the hose also was seeping fluid.

          Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_7122.JPG
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ID:	604803Not wanting to venture to the wreckers due to the cold, it was time to bring out the JB weld. I gave it a good clean, sand paper scuffed the surfaces, wiped the edges with acetone and started applying product.

          Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_7123.JPG
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ID:	604804As seen in the picture above, and this picture here, I gooped it good, allowed it to dry and planned for a next day installation. I did... only to find once pressured up it leaked in another area and around the barbed fitting?

          Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_7124.JPG
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ID:	604805So out it came again. I washed it, dried it, prepped it and gobbed on more. 360 degrees around used up most of the JB weld doing so. 2 coats and wrapped the edges with a third skim. Not pretty but it's a cheap fix.

          About now I was reaching my patience level but out in the cold I went. Once again, it fired up, temperature was slowly rising when as I was sitting on the heated leather seat keeping my butt warm I notice a change in the sound of the engine, and the check engine light reappeared.

          With me failing to fix the broken pin used to align the balancer, the bolt holding it had come loose once again. I disconnected the battery and called it quits. That was a week ago.

          It being cold outside it could be awhile before I find the motivation to get back into it. That's ok...because it wasn't about owning and driving a Kia. It was about trouble shooting, problem solving... a bit of thinking and keeping active.

          I'm going back to working on the hot rod.


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            Used to be a lot of cars went to the crusher with furnace cement holding exhaust manifolds together and quieting the noise. Today I wonder how many get crushed with gobs of JB? It's not like the average man can afford a UT welder in his personal tool collection, and the contamination of the original welded joint would probably prevent reweld.

            Watched a 6 man crew drilling a replacement gas line a 5 mile stretch a few weeks back, hardly seemed 65 years since the original line went in, but the plastic sure went in faster. 1 ton van with a UT welder sits there welding the pipe into strings for the drill to pull back, and no time spent coating joints on the plastic.


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              World has all but gone plastic. Laying pipe. Wouldn't that be a job eh.
              I was thinking short term not long term with that repair, but it's the high strength stuff. If it holds till I have the bugs worked out on the cheap, I'm good. I was hoping it worked. Seemed to be holding but time will tell.
              Knowing nothing lasts forever and I have a need to test and check stuff I know little about, combined I discovered another issue causing me to break down and became a member of the local pick and pull club.
              Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_7126.JPG
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ID:	604814I don't even remember what it's called? It might come to me yet.

              Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_7129.JPG
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ID:	604815Wouldn't hold vacuum. The little pintle face wasn't seating was my guess. I took my vac pump along to test for a good one. Found one. And while I was there shopping found these.
              Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_7130.JPG
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ID:	604816That why I don't go shopping, I buy stuff I probably don't need now. But I did need that Purge Control Solenoid Valve in a small vacuum leak way. PCSV for short. That was $5.95. The other two were a fiver and a toonie. The JB weld was closer is what I'm telling the lazy butt I should have froze sooner.

              If it wasn't for those heated seats...


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                I'm starting to get slightly concerned with your affinity for the heated seat. What will it be next, a seat heater mounted to a lowrider sled for a winter creeper?


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                  Who wouldn't think that's a great idea laying on your back in the cold? A heated creeper. Thinking out loud, It might be worth a trip to the 2nd hand store for an old electric blanket?


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                    Originally posted by Noel View Post
                    Who wouldn't think that's a great idea laying on your back in the cold? A heated creeper. Thinking out loud, It might be worth a trip to the 2nd hand store for an old electric blanket?
                    BIG NO on that idea. Folded electric blanket with power on is a guaranteed fire.


                    • I was thinking laying it down with a tarp over it to warm the concrete pad actually? Expecting to be tarp and hoarding the thing in if the weather gets much worse, I'll probably lay it on the ground and wrapping myself in it?

                      The fact it's -6 out and if I'm going to do this before spring I'm going to need to find a way you keep me warm to get it done.

                      Heated creeper wasn't a bad idea however. Add a vibrating gel pad some memory foam and you have a winner. I'd lay on it all day.


                      • Looks like somebody beat us t o the idea.

                        Even listed for working under cars.

                        Of course if you know somebody works in a hospital they might be able to hook you up with a bear hugger machine & bob an show you how to sew tubing in yer coveralls eh.


                        • I was prepare to split the millions with you 50/50 and someone beat us to it. Well, it was a good idea just a bit late for that party it seems.
                          My part still hasn't arrived. -10 outside. 4 months till spring. I have to come up with something soon.

                          Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_7133.JPG
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ID:	605177Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_7132.JPG
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ID:	605176

                          I have a buddy who is talking super charger on his Coyote Mustang and remembered these we in the basement. Got me
                          going through my part supply and knowing these were on a shelf I did some checking and realized I can't afford to play that game. But if I sell something, maybe.


                          Ads been up two days and 930 views, one showing and 12 emails of interest. I can't explain it either? Economy sucks yet people with the money are still spending but they want to spend more and have it running.


                          • Would the MouseStang suspension carry the water tank to keep the drive tires from bursting into flame in the first 2 miles?
                            Drag chute to stop it? Is there room where the back seat was for both water tank and the leaf blower and ducting to cool the brakes?

                            Does the MouseStang owner salivate when he sees an AC Bristol body with a V-8 stuffed under the hood and suggestion of brakes?


                            • The secret is to not think about the reason why not, or for that matter reason why you should, it's in trying to do.



                              Click image for larger version

Name:	s-l1600.jpg
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ID:	605189I discovered this and thought I have both an fresh intake and a piece of plate. 1/2 ways there now I'd say, lol. Stupid and dangerous is a winning combination for trouble let me tell you.


                              • EXPERIENCE is what we call the mistooks we survived and crawled away from.

                                Go faster only works as long as there is pavement ahead of you.

                                2 disks and calipers on a single wheel shaft = pretzel!