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Name:	kia1.jpg
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ID:	604059Left rear was looking low when I bought it. Filling it up it went flat again. I was curious about where the leak was, figuring typical is around the wheel weights hammered on the edge of the rim.
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Name:	IMG_7082.JPG
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ID:	604062Grab the snoop and gave a stream around the rim after refilling with air.
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Name:	IMG_7080.JPG
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ID:	604060Darn thing was leaking everywhere.
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ID:	604061Haven't seen that much froth since Cujo played the big screen.


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      WHAT is wrong with you hooter eh? You're acting like a mechanic. That fine vehicle was built to be serviced by Teknyshunaz.

      Oil pan rust leak, EZ, JB Weld & plastic to hold i place till dry. JB Weld for oil, Bubbleyum for gasoline. Work every time they are tried. Furnace cement gets most cracked manifolds to the scrapper 100k later too.

      Fuel pump, disconnect the wires and replace with high pressure inline pump. Costs aboot 450 less and works fine.

      Les get with the program eh.


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        Acting like a mechanic...that about sums it up. lol. Couldn't catch a break in Hollywood but I'm still acting.
        I have three criteria to ownership of a vehicle. Is it safe to drive, reliable to be driven, and can I afford to own it. That latter part is always in question? Well, if I can fix it cheap enough I think so and usually do, but even I have limits on paying to find out.

        What I need is a shop manual. Not a want, it's a need. I need explanation. Like Johnny 5, need input.

        The quick set JB I found disappointing. But as you can see I used it to patch the power steering reservoir. I'm handyman.
        Brazing the pan, well that was because it came with a warranty. The bubble gum...I have to test that out.

        In another day or so I have a window of +5 warm weather where I'm going to reconfirm a couple of things. After that I might be looking for a real mechanic?


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          Shop manual only available on screen or device if you have authorization code. On line service = pay to play and don't even think you can copy to a thumb drive.

          JB quick cure AIN'T got the properties of JB 24 hour cure.
          JB 24 hour is actually superior to Devcon steel in several areas.

          Bubble Yum works, not sure about competing products. For real fun have a Diabetic chew it up for you before applying.


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            I looked on ebay and found a couple of factor paper manuals. One for a 2002 and one for a 2006. they looked a little thin to be holding much for information however when compared to a GM service manuals?
            Then I found an online manual. Cole's Notes version, it to was light on information. I do mean light.

            Tomorrow it hits +2 so maybe I'll poke at it a bit more. No promises.

            "For real fun have a Diabetic chew it up for you before applying"

            lol, you do know how to have a fun time don't you Franz.


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              I didn't know the kid was Diabetic when I handed him 3 packs of Bubble Yum to start chewing.
              My major concern was gasoline pouring out of the K5 Blazer tank.

              He should have spoken up.


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                LOL!!! Yes he should have. So I guess the Bubble Yum gum worked then?


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                  Lasted on the tank for over a year and went all the way to the scrapper.

                  BubbleYum is superior to the tootsie roll epoxy Fornay sells for tank repairs.


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                    Well I went on line and ordered a fuel pump. Found out it's supposed to be pumping 42psi. It's not. But it is pumping. Now for the three week wait.

                    Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_7031a.jpg
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ID:	604279I've been thinking about this crank pully. I should have looked it over a bit closer, or removed it for a better inspection. Seems my reading has revealed the broken pin is what holds the outer balance in alignment to a timing mark? I'm sure I'm close? Not like it can be timed it seems?
                    And they recommend a new bolt if removed? Who knew that?

                    Not that it matters, my understanding is the computer adjusts the ignition timing, but I'm also looking at the crank key thinking something is amiss? Maybe not, starts good, idles codes. Just don't try to get snappy on the throttle as it quickly falters when you do?

                    Turns out an upgrade is drilling to tap for and install three small cap screws as well. If I knew then what I know now things would be different. I'm hoping the torque on the bolt and blue Loctite keeps it in place.

                    Just a heads up on the difference between buying here in Canada and buying on line USA or drop shipped from China, my cost here was $475. Online with exchange on the buck, + shipping $140.


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                      I would have tried an in line pump before spending $450 on that in tank model. Guys tell me it works.


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                        Up here that inline pump was a $70 dollar bill. Although I have one attached to the motor seen in this pic below...I chose not to remove it for that Kia.
                        Click image for larger version

Name:	Summer of 2011 July 135.JPG
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ID:	604295Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_6507.JPG
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ID:	604296lol. It was to much work to unwrap the plastic.
                        I didn't buy the $450 one up here I bought on line eBay from who knows where? But in three weeks, I'll be dropping it in and for the money I've saved, about $300 and change, I'll spend it else where. Like a tank or three of gas.

                        But regarding in line pumps. I was going to go that way just to test if it solved the problem and if it did get it done. Well I mentioned the plastic wrap issue and although $70 is a better number then $140, I was looking for cheaper. I also went to a wreckers today expecting to pull an assemble for $40 but not a Sorento to be found and a close but no cigar was a different tank sensor so I passed. Came home, found my best deal and placed the order. Happy balance made between spending money or extending effort. I got it to pump when it didn't, I think I did good. Just not good enough it seems?

                        Hotrodder's say externally mounted pumps don't last due to over heating? Every couple to three years it's replacement I've read? Maybe that's wrong? I just chose easy. Easy comes in a box to my door, has a new everything with it. I can wait.


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                          Between shoveling snow and cleaning house things have been slow moving. I call it the winter blues but seasonal depression is probably a more apt term of description. Waiting on a fuel pump is like waiting to visit the dentist. You want it to happen just to get it over with and be done with it. I feel that way about winter.

                          Click image for larger version

Name:	Mike's 37.jpg
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ID:	604490How long does it take? If you have the talent not that long it seems. I know of a guy (Gerard) so I told Mike and he made contact, voila, an artistic rendering of what his car might look like.
                          Mikey likes it.


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                            20°f, and first snow of winter is 6" deep out there and my lightweight back friendly shovel is 58 feet from the door. 42 feet to the Explorer. I may just remain inside the house and look out the window which 5 salsman have told me today needs to be replaced for greater energy efficiency.

                            None of them want to come by to give me an estimate because they will need to shovel to get to the house. Odd how that works.

                            External fuel pumps last, especially if you clear the rusted up in tank lump from the system. You can get them for under 10 bucks US on ebay.


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                              I'm not buying into new windows. To heck with that I say. When they start putting low E argon gas filled triple glaze in cars, maybe. Until then no. Even when they do, doubtful I will. Why, because I have heat and central AC.
                              I wonder what the carbon foot print is for those new windows?
                              Someone want to do to the math on this? I don't have the time left on this earth to see a pay back let alone a reward so why would I want to do it? I may own it but in reality it's a rental.

                              They tell me my little patch of dirt 40'x150' is worth more then the house? Welcome to the big city. Yet I look around and still see dirt? Lots of it. Over priced to keep the system floating,
                              I'll let the next guy worry about it.

                              On the matter of the fuel pump, I bought and paid for convenience. Plain and simple, I paid for the easy pleasure of cold weather installation. Time will tell?


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                                I have it on good authority from real glass men that payback on Low E Argon filled triple glazing is 26 years. I have direct knowledge of women with rooms filled with houseplants, including tabletop herb gardens going into meltdown when they hear their new wonderwindows killed their inside plants. Then they get pissed at the man who told them, not the salesman who screwed them.
                                I just constructed silver mylar clad shades to eliminate the solar gain in the 10 days of Summer and have employed an attic fan for years to minimize solar gain via the roof rather than footprint carbon all over the carpet. I get yelled at less.

                                Direct knowledge from an Assessor I know; The majority of assessed value is on the land because land rarely burns down. It's all about money and government collecting money.

                                Did you try smacking the bottom of the tank with a big MF hammer?