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ID:	602857I read a question about how many times you can do a repair before you have to admit you screwed things up. I'm going to maybe answer that eventually. Mean while, I was forced to back up and redo my bending of the strut rods. I posted this because it was handy and because quite frankly, I'm a user of Acetylene for heating and cutting.
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ID:	602858The black are the original, the twins in the middle were reheated and re-bent back to that shape. 1" round. I would have like to have compared heating time to propane being used as a fuel gas but this was quick fast and simple. I used my cutting attachment.
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ID:	602859This offset hopefully allows for a turn radius with out scrubbing brake calipers or tires? I like red hot.

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ID:	602860Eye balling the bend it turns out I'm an inch to far so tomorrow I'll be doing it again. I'll also be redoing my frame brackets because they are not going to attach anymore. Lol. It's like a puzzle. As the pieces go together the picture appears. I need to add a few more pieces. I've re-bent these and not disappointed that I have, but I need to connect the tie rods to see what the rack offers for a turn radius to be sure I have a problem rather then just imagine that I will have a problem without knowing that I do. But I think I do?


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      I was going to say can you spot the differences? Two things that you'll notice is I replaced a ballast and all the burnt bulbs in the lights that were dead and hung a couple of doors.
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ID:	602869

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ID:	602868I'm not going to comment on the mess. But I'm working on it. Suffice to say I have lots on the go, lots to go with what's on the go, and I'm using it up as I go along. One man can only do so much and an old man even less if the mood for doing isn't strong. Mine comes and goes.


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        Noel if you start seeing patches of stuf on the bottom that looks like concrete get out FAST.

        That concrete is a warning the building is aboot to collapse.


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          You Franz were the source of inspiration to get it done. I can put up with a lot of suffering, but living in the dark needed to change. And yea, it's crowded. But I'm pushing it along.

          I was discussing that with a buddy just today. It went alone the lines of, so a guy wants a car project for a hobby. I'm lucky, I own a double, it's got a drive way. But that double...stick in a car, tool box, table, floor jack and stand, welder, torches, throw in a engine stand and maybe a hoist, ramps...spares and some bits, doesn't leave much for space to work? Yet I do? Lol. Some days I do.

          But yea, I'm at max pay load. One bay shy for the full load. So I'm moving from get things finished into get it done and finish later.

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ID:	603070I forgot to mention air compressor and tools. Not only good for filling garage space, but also capable of making cast iron powder if you decide you like smooth and want a jar of tailings to display doing magnet tricks.


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ID:	603303Red...for some reason when it comes to free paint you find red as the number one color. It's worked well to my advantage. I looked high and low for the box this was in. I knew I had, but darned if I could find it when I needed it. So I bought another knowing this was still in my possession, just not to be found? But I eventually did. Damage done I pulled the new one and replaced it with this one. This one came from the same parts car the cross member came from. Back in the day before Mustang 2 kits were a thing this was solid gold. I remember disassembling and cleaning the oiled pig so the paint would stick. Good times.

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ID:	603305I'd recently seen an ad under the give away for some epoxy primer. Not being greedy I grabbed a 4 pk of A and a 4pk of B. That's a lot of product.
            I've read on line you can tint the stuff? How does red sound? lol.
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ID:	603306Not really an automotive finishing product, but the price was right.

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ID:	603307 Painting and welding are a lot alike. With this product, opening the can it had settled and separated so I was mixing for a while. This dribbling reveals the clear to solids ratio of the product. Lots of volts and less amps. A wet product with all that clear. Judging by the thickness on the right side from a bit of drift and settling, I can see a similarity to welding? This was just A product and after a day with no hardener it's still soft. Dry, but soft.

            I'll probably mix a small sample A an B to test the product and see how it holds up outside over winter. I've read that it's not recommended for outside finishes because of a tendency to chalk. I did dial the 1 800 call with your dumb question number but on leaving a message never received a return call? I'm guess it's a clear and UV issue but I also thought, inside the doors, body cavities who cares. It's almost a white, almost bright and will offer sealing protection. And heaven forbid, I could still have it tinted red if I want to mix a color most likely to be recycled.


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ID:	603468Some days I think, get out from under it all and just sell it for a quick buck?
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ID:	603469Then I realized I'm trapped behind the glass. I'll be pushing this pile till I can't no more, heart attack an die or they take my drivers licence away.

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ID:	603470I'm however hoping for a bit of color and driving. Ta heck with finished I say.
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ID:	603471But I'd say it's an improvement over this.
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ID:	603472 I posted this before, it's the one above in the picture. My buddy Mike who's car started this is doing a one piece windshield for Big US dollars and that isn't include the work doing the installation. To sum this up, it was a bit labour intensive to fix this one. But it was good practice for the other one.


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ID:	603622I came close to spraying more red. It's actually more vibrant then the picture displays and with a silver or gold base, this would be poor man bling. But the frame while originally sprayed in epoxy was requiring a further sanding and a coat of color. I original went flat black and scratched the crap out of it so it required a further sanding again. At that point, I needed a different can as that one was empty.
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ID:	603623 I'm sure some would have consulted a professional for advice maybe, but that's not how I was rolling. I had rolled out and placed a thin layer of glazing putting in the base of the channel to set the centered glass in. Upon reassembly it was masked to apply Urethane sealant around the gapped edges both sides.
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Name:	IMG_6861.JPG
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ID:	603624Pain in the azz. That tape was removed, and masked again from the flat black to spray with some color. It was almost a red frame I kid you not.
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Name:	IMG_6866.JPG
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ID:	603625But this Tremclad Pro grade... I'm telling you, wonderful product. While I'm sure it's got it's limit for durability, I think it will do just fine for my budget and build. Sprayed really well, hung nicely when wet, glass finish and dried quickly. Recoating was a breeze. I did three coats. Another day of baking in the garage I'll move it to the house and a spot in the basement too cure. Then I'll make plans to fit a rubber and do an install. Started Friday evening watching Net Flix, sprayed the face Saturday and today the back. Progress as slow as it is, it's getting done.


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                  Who's got kids? I got 3. Two girls and a boy. My boy...Some days I think that son of mine has way to much of his mother in him. "He's got more problems that the human in him". Seems however the one quality we share is the willingness to do anything for their kid, which is his case is my Grand daughter, a little girl 5 years old. Call me bad dad but if it wasn't for her, my kid would be walking.

                  I'm not saying my old 91 Buick isn't still a reliable car at 167943k, 5.7 TBI, 4 door automatic,
                  It is,
                  the things a driving pillow.
                  it's been maintained.
                  It was my daily until I lent it to the kid. Seems his truck broke down, a 2006 Ford F150, 5.4 triton. Cam tensioner issues. I said if you buy the parts I'll lend a hand. He borrowed a buddies car instead.

                  Driving it when he found himself pulled over for speeding. They add up he learned. Suspended for 6 months due to speeding tickets,
                  I then found my self driving Miss Daisy so he could pick up my granddaughter for visits. Yet the kid complains. Not unlike his mother did let me tell you.

                  He did get his licence back but not buddies car, hence the loaning of the Buick.
                  Anyways..."I smell antifreeze" became "I think it's leaking". It was also overdue for an oil change, I just wasn't expecting it to be 1500k over the number white marked on the inside of the windshield? I hadn't gone 5000k since last October, the date on the filter. He had the car three months and put on 2200k of it?
                  I killed two birds tonight. Oil change and fix a leak.
                  I'm an oil change specialist, I have it down to a science. Everything tick, tock, tick tock.
                  After driving the front wheels up the ramps, I looked under and spotted the puddle.
                  At this point, you start the tracing of fluid.

                  Well I figured out where the anti freeze was leaking from.

                  I replaced the clamp. I had thought to pull cut and replace but wanted to avoid the mess on the drive way with the hose put away for winter. That and feared it might end up short? Put a wider, more stout hose clamp and called it a wrap after topping up fluid.
                  It's located next to the distributor, pass. side rear on the intake. That's the old clamp. 1/4" head x 3/8 wide, the replacement was 5/16" head, x 1/2" wide.
                  I mentioned in another post about a Kia Sorento. He just wants it gone come grab it. How can I say no?
                  Last edited by Noel; 10-23-2019, 10:53 PM.


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ID:	603744Pictures didn't post before. Shaw cable/internet sucks with timing out and disconnecting. With a mix of wind rain and snow flakes hitting the ground I own a Kia. How long time and weather will tell.


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ID:	603774Well the battery is toast. While I'm trying to bring it back to life, maybe hold a charge, I'm not holding out hope. In the light of day, I think I can I think I can.
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ID:	603775Well it looks like most of it is there but not being the guy who took it apart who knows for sure? I did a quick inspection of items and removed a few in the process. I've also been watching video's.
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Name:	IMG_6934.JPG
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ID:	603776It looks a bit intimidating, but the video's make it look real easy?
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Name:	IMG_6937.JPG
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ID:	603777But then again, it's cold outside and I don't do cold well. I just noticed in this picture what looks like a crack? What the heck...?
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ID:	603778I like a challenge. That challenge is to throw it back together and see if it runs. On the cheap is better then dumping money to deep into it. I'm gambling on what ever problems it had will be problems I can solve, fix and with limited cash out lay, remedy.


                      Pete's Garage. I'm not going to shamelessly plug the guy, but I did find this informative. As a guy who's slowly adapting to new and high tech, diagnosing and fixing them, as well a believer in the need for fluid changes, it's a good watch with explanation why you should.


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                        With all of life's other struggles to deal with, I managed to empty the rear cargo space of some parts.

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Name:	IMG_6925.JPG
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ID:	603851
                        Seems from my inspection of what was there, I'm going to have to crawl under for a closer look at things. The Y pipe appears to have rusted and been broken? Where and when is anyone guess? It doesn't look fresh?
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Name:	IMG_6930.JPG
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ID:	603852

                        I have to start counting bolts to see what's missing. From what's been taken apart the bolt box is looking light. I'm also giving thought to the dollar bills that this education is going to cost and the time spent to learn it.
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Name:	IMG_6926.JPG
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ID:	603853

                        All goes well what's the out come? old man would say if you have a choice between making a buck and not making a buck, choose making a buck. You might think then that I bought a way to make a buck? I didn't. My old man taught me also that there is a easy way to make a buck, or a hard way to make a buck. This will not be easy.

                        So why did I buy the darn thing? For the education. Putting my learning skills to the test so to speak. I hope it doesn't end badly, but badly is a matter of opinion on the value of the education. I'm thinking this education will take a couple days in the cold to get it up and running?
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ID:	603854 Looking over the parts as I removed them has me thinking the best move is to get it up in the air, spend some time crawling around doing a solid inspection. From the vantage point of -6, if it turns for a few day to +6 it's going to feel down right balmy. I have my fingers crossed hoping for better.


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                          I have to admit, this is not turning out to be my brightest waste of money. I know, a fool and his money are soon parted and all that, but this is a lesson being learned.
                          Now you may wonder as I have pondered what's the lesson?

                          I went to Napa asking what does it take, and how many of them do I need? They told me. The engine oil popped up as a 5W-20. Ok. New Napa Gold filer and a 5 liter needing 4.3 liters.


                          Tranny was a different story?

                          Who's ever heard of RED 1 Oil raise your hand? My hand is down. They said go to the dealer and I did right after buying the gasket and filter. That's expensive oil even after getting a discounted price of 15% off retail.
                          Lesson learned.

                          At some point I had installed enough parts installed, oil in, to hook a battery up, turn the key to see if it ran. To my surprise it did?
                          I think I heard life happens in seconds? I think it does?
                          Turned the key to run, didn't hear the fuel pump? Tried a couple more times and nothing? Hit start, engine revved. Released the key to run, long enough for me to see the tack idle and remember the transmission cooler was disconnected. I once again got lucky. The bolt someone stuck in held, or the transmission held no fluid? But it ran, and turning it off I got out and I didn't have a mess...lucky or what?

                          Anyways...having gotten my motor running, running briefly as it was, that convinced me to continue assembly. I won't mention how I disassembled the idlers, popping the caps adding some fresh grease, or the fix to the leaky repair done previous to the power steering reservoir, but we fixed it up. Failing to mention the wash and flush to the rad, or the blowing out the AC condenser, the lower rad hose was AWOL as well two bolts from a front pully. All bolts accounted for. The job was actually quite easy to do.

                          The cooling system? Hmm. I got some questions there. I'm sure there is fluid in the engine, and thinking about it, none of it pushed out when I started it??? Hmm? But it holds a greater capacity then the 5 liters I put in to top it up? It holds 11liters? I got questions and one being where's it hiding?

                          About here is where you have to ask yourself, do you service the transmission knowing it's the most neglected part on a automobile before trying to start it again?
                          Score one for Korea, a drain plug in the transmission pan. Now I don't think it has ever seen service? 290k on the clock the twin magnets were fuzzy.

                          Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_7051.JPG
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ID:	604015

                          Maybe it had? I replaced the 6 liters that came out but before I did, on cleaning the pan, I noticed a spot.

                          Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_7059.JPG
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ID:	604016

                          I'm a dummy, and a cheap dummy at that. So after the trip to the dealer for engine oil, transmission fluid that cost almost as much as the purchase price of the Kia...the pan has a spot.

                          Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_7058.JPG
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ID:	604017

                          48K or ever two years. When was the last time you serviced that transmission I ask you?

                          Click image for larger version

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ID:	604018Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_7064.JPG
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ID:	604019

                          I did a little swearing and got out the grinder to remove the rust in preparation for a small brazing job. Worked good. Reminds me I should check it for leaks? lol. It better not be leaking?

                          Now I've read where low transmission fluid levels can cause driveability issues? Not forgetting the spot, I still don't know what or why this Kia was taken apart? But the saga continues. Oh yea. I'm past this and trying to start it. It don't.
                          No one knows the trouble that brings.

                          Maybe that's the lesson. A guy has to keep learning?

                          2005 Kia Sorento. Cranks, no start. More to follow. I'm now doing some basic testing, air fuel spark. But there has been some drama added into the mix. Namely no chip key, a weak dead battery, and the dreaded IMMO light on the panel display now lit up?


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Name:	IMG_7048.JPG
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ID:	604023Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_7045.JPG
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ID:	604024

                            Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_7057.JPG
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ID:	604021Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_7056.JPG
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ID:	604025

                            No red mess, didn't do to bad for an old guy. Previous experience and a drain plug in the pan makes a difference..

                            Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_7039.JPG
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ID:	604022Thank the good lord for You Tube'ers. Now I know you can change plugs and coils in an hour? Seriously, one hour, buddy did it. Made it look easy enough to try I'm telling you.


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Name:	IMG_7062.JPG
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ID:	604046I thought it necessary too expand further the corrosion and the "spot". This was it and I took this picture before discovery of the hole. I was going to start a thread with it actually. What caused it to occur? I have my theory?
                              I think if you stare at it long enough, you begin to think the plate had a defect that they punched that pan out of? But what do I know right? I'm just glad I found it.
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Name:	IMG_7084.JPG
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ID:	604047Pretty a 4/10 function 10/10.
                              Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_7031.JPG
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ID:	604045The hole in the middle is for the crank pully. The small rectangle, that's the crank sensor. Not to get ahead of myself, It's a runner.
                              I don't get it either but it does. And it's been a journey.

                              On a note of mention, my buddy got screwed (his words) when he took his hot rods control arms to be shortened. I told him if I knew he was going to spend that kind of money I'd have offered to do them. Charged him $1200, hammered out the bushings, never got them back in or replacements, and the welding he said looked light?
                              I said, your a welder, what exactly does "looks light" mean?
                              His grill was also in for chroming and he says it looks fantastic. $400 less in price then the cost to narrow control arms. I asked him which he thought was more work?


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Name:	IMG_7068.JPG
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ID:	604050I can tell quite a story about and behind the things I do. Some is for a very good reason, some is for challenge, and some is because I can't afford a new one.
                                Yea, I could go online, save a few bucks, wait, and have -20 and blowing flakes any day. For those wondering, yes, I did hook up a fuel pressure tester to confirm low fuel pressure, hard to reach 10psi, nothing for volume. And it failed to hold.
                                True story. I had the line fuel line off the throttle body from checking fuel pressure and not getting a reading, went to the tank. Two lines, one to the other gauge in the middle It eventually reached 10 psi, but when cranking to reach it the darn thing started???

                                Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_7071.JPG
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Size:	66.2 KB
ID:	604051I pulled it easily. Second best thing to remove. Well thought out. Taking it apart...I struggled a bit. Didn't watch enough of that video let me say on record. But I got this apart found the motor when checking for resistance skipped around. Hmm?

                                Now remember as you arm chair my folly, I know little history of the Kia, and the little I do know, I also have questions? I'll get to those soon enough.
                                But the fuel pump...I could save a couple hundred buying on line and waiting or ordering one Monday for five hundred Canadian tax in... You can see I had 500 reason to try.

                                That little motor shaft protrouding, I spund it with my fingers and when checking the meter found the readings jumped like mad. Not a good sign right lol?
                                I hooked that into my cordless. Spun it forward, spun it backwards, and spun it again checking resistance. Then I hooked it to a battery.
                                Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_7072.JPG
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Size:	70.1 KB
ID:	604052I know you won't think so but, low fuel, condensation, minor rust formation and that motor isn't spinning. Spun by hand the resistance is pretty uniform across the spin in both directions. Lower in one dorection then the other which I attribute to direction of flow? Sounds good to me?

                                Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_7079.JPG
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ID:	604053Down at the bottom is the balance bolt. Remember I said i'd mention it again. Well I started the car, it burped and chugged a bit I figured air in the system, thinking with a bit of circulation too re check coolent levels so I shut it off. Sure enough, coolent was low and I added almost 4 liters. added 8 liters in so far, remembering it requires 12.
                                Started it again, stepped out for a look, proud as a peacock noticed the belts weren't turning??? Took about 1.5 seconds for that to register and then the scramble to shut it down. Well, call me lucky. While I had hoped to not have a further check engine, I said to my self, "that's going to leave a code", turns out I was right.

                                Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_7073.JPG
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ID:	604054I had been disconnecting the battery while servicing but figured to check for codes now that it was running. I'm thinking this and that was related?