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  • I Broke It!!!

    The other weekend I was wheeling on the back roads by Big Bear Lake in SoCal. Went over a little drop off. A touch taller than my ground clearance, came down on the right side step and snapped that puppy off. After the initial awe s***, I thought no problem I'll just weld it back together. Looks and feels like aluminum. WRONG it's not aluminum. Anyone know what it is? Now I figure I'll just make new brackets from scratch

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    Nothing else to go on? Factory equipment for what vehicle? Or is it an aftermarket with a make and model? What makes you think it's not aluminum? There are many alloys of aluminum and not all are weldable. It may make a difference if it is cast aluminum.


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      Sorry to be so vague, doing to many things at the same time. The truck is an '02' F-250 with factory side steps. They are cast and now that I'm taking a bit more time to look at it. I'm not sure what my malfunction was. The other day I tried TIGing it and the rod wasn't fusing. I was just rushing, not giving the part enough time to get hot, I know better! This morning After reading your response Mac I tried welding again. Hung out waited for the base metal to melt added rod and O MY GOSH it worked. I feel like an idiot. I tried both 4043 and 4943 today and they both fuse just fine. It would be nice if someone knows what alloy this material really is. I will weld them up using 4943, think it will make a stronger joint. I'll try not to break it again.


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        All better now. Welded them up and bolted them back on the truck. As solid as it ever was.


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          Thanks for posting the resolution! That looks like a nice repair!


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            No problem. Once I pulled my head out, the repair went really smooth. Used a wire brush to remove the powder coat, then beveled all sides, clamped the 2 halves together, put a couple of heavy tacks on. Took off the clamp and welded all the way around.