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73-74 powerwagon t case shifter

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  • 73-74 powerwagon t case shifter

    Any body have some pics and insite on how the np205 shifter is setup on or under the trans crossmember On a 73 74 w200?
    I have the bracket shift arm and lever from a 71 w200 witch may be different I don't know ?My truck is a 78 w200 and I swapped in a 205 and 4spd and got rid of the 203 coupled 4spd I've tried flipping the bracket and everything the cross members are dodge and all bolted in with some drilling after I set the angles just need to know if I need a diff bracket and linkage arm make it or find it used figure I try here before I go on a dodge site ?thanks D

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    Sorry don't have something that old --- I'm working on a 85 W350 Crew Cab with a NP-435 --it uses a direct mounted shift lever (on the top).............these old power wagons are going up in value.
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      I ended up cutting the 71 shifter mount and mounting on the crossmember were they were origionally I got some pics off of ramcharger central website they know there stuff in that forum if u have any issues with yours .
      Somone has to keep these old dodges running lol ..