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Minor electric shock when welding.

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  • Minor electric shock when welding.

    Good afternoon , if any one can help me, I will be very grateful, my welder advised me that when he starts welding some times he gets a minor electric shock.
    Can this be the M25 gun assembly?
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    It happens to me on high humid days esp if I am sweating. Is the covering on the gun gooseneck broken or cracked?...Bob
    Bob Wright


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      When asking about the the possibilities of your equipment, pictures are worth a thousand words. Other causes can be the location of the work clamp and weldor on large weldments.

      Please use the subject line for the actual subject, so that we can search threads easily and remember what they are about when they turn up. Please use the advanced edit feature and change yours. All threads here can be "help me please" if you see my point.


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        AAMETALMASTER: I thank you for your response, we appreciate it. Thanks
        MAC702: Thank you for letting me know that I made a mistake, what you said make sense and will make it easier for everyone. This is my first time posting on anything. My apologies, thanks.
        Ps;​​​ try to change the subject to no avail.
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          Originally posted by Zulmanny View Post
          try to change the subject to no avail.
          Fixed you up buddy...Bob
          Bob Wright


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            Thank you. Bob, the gooseneck is fine no cracks, the weather until this week in Miami was very dry.
            Mac702, the weldments are new so it may be the position of the clamp.


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              FWIW, try to not make the ground "hunt" for a path, back when I built anodized boat structures it was common for me to use an extra ground lead from the table to another place on the weldment to prevent getting zapped when the structure was mocked up for tacking.


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                A welder uses a circuit where nothing is literally grounded. The power company's supply circuit in the case of residential power sources has the center tap in the transformer "GROUNDED". Your welder primary does not use the centertap. It is incidentally properly connected to center tap at one point in the building. Your secondary circuit in the welder is not "GROUNDED" sadly, that leaves the door open to unintentional potential. Your workpiece rests on earth, or has indirect contact. You are standing on earth, or have indirect contact. A potential (voltage) might exist between you, and your stinger, or gun.

                Strive to not be in the path. Wear gloves, boots. Don't weld with bare skin exposed. When extremely sweaty, don't rest against the workpiece with your back.

                In the case of HF (TIG stabilizing current) all bets are off. HF current can travel inches through ionized air to zap you. Always provide an easier path for electricity.
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