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    What r you guys using?

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    Originally posted by racerx View Post
    What r you guys using?
    Years ago I had a hossfeld #2...but no longer.....

    these days many small shops favor the JD Squared


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      How is this one Tubeshark?


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        I bought a Woodward fab bender simply because I had a discount card that saved me almost$100 from northern tools. The dies are a good price and you can custom order dies pretty inexpensively from Heck Industries, their parent company. Never used another tubing bender before, but the bends seem to come out ok.
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          JD-Square #4


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            I have a Hossfeld, but it has been collecting dust on a bottom shelf for a couple years now that I got a RogueFab bender. Like the JD, the Hossfeld bends horizontal, so you need a large swing (aka takes up a lot of shop floor space). The Rogue bender bends the pipe vertical, and my shop has high ceilings. Built many roll cages/bars with it, works great.
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