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Need Idea for wrecker problem

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  • Need Idea for wrecker problem

    Need an Idea to keep the lift arms on this wrecker stable while driving with them in the stowed position.

    Seems the hydraulics are relaxing, then the arms aren't pulled in tight and teeter left to right, sort of flop around.

    Has anybody ever built a cradle or something that would keep the arms stable?

    Being kind of old, the whole hydraulic system may need rebuilding, the owner doesn't want to go that route.

    Where the tab has been welded onto it is the pivot point that the arms rock on.
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    Funny thing is that I was just thinking of how to fix that problem on one of our trucks. When you turned the wheels of the car would force the L arms open (back to the center) that would let the car drop on to the wheel lift and tear up the bumper (or oil pan)

    Ours turned out that someone replaced one of the hoses that close the jaws and didn't bleed the air out of the line before tightening the line all the way.

    But the easiest thing I could think of was to weld grab hooks (3/8") on the end of the main cross bar and on the end of the L arm and put a small chain in between the hooks. That would keep it from opening up


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      Oops I might of misunderstood what you were asking


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        Little different issue, but thanks for the reply.

        I'm going back to look at another idea today. If I come with something I'll post it.