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Homebuilt Drift Truck

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  • Texas113
    Homebuilt Drift Truck

    I skimmed through that while thread and am glad you posted that. Definitely some great machining skills and the patience to boot! I know how easy it is to loose interest in something when the the finished project is a long ways out. I hope he keeps posting updates of his progress. Thanks again for sharing.

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  • H80N
    started a topic Homebuilt Drift Truck

    Homebuilt Drift Truck

    Very cool thread...

    shows what somebody with a dream can do with some ingenuity, drive and a willingness to learn and improve their skills as they progress... NOTICE the Miller equipment in the background in some of the shots..

    Maybe not everybody's idea of a dream truck... but a very worthy project to share..

    Want to thank Cav from over on SFT for finding and sharing this

    Originally posted by Cavalry
    Stumbled across this.
    Younger guy building a junk minitrruck into a drift car, among other projects thrown in for fun. Luckily for him he worked in a machine shop that did not seem to mind him churning out endless CNC milled parts. Somewhere around page 20 he got a job in a specialty shop and was able to move out of working on the truck in the dirt. You can certainly see how his TIG improved over 3 or so years the project has taken! The guy certainly has some potential...
    It goes to show that you do not need a zillion dollars worth of equipment and a huge spotless shop to create something worthwhile...