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Unibody chassis welding project -> combine two cars :-)

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  • Unibody chassis welding project -> combine two cars :-)

    So, I have this dream of building off of what another, respected member of another forum of which I am a member built:

    My build, detailed here:, differs from his in the sense that I will not be combining two different chassis styles... I will be combining two of the same, but maintaining the goal of creating a mid-engine, rear wheel drive car out of two front wheel drive cars.

    The welding comes in where I want to weld the front horns from donor car number one into the rear of donor car number two. I have been told that MIG is the way to go for this stuff since it's pretty thin sheet metal.

    I have a decent materials knowledge from my work as an engineer, but have never done welding before. While doing some reading and getting recommendations from other folks, the Millermatic 140 was suggested as the optimum welder because all I have to know is the wire diameter and the sheet metal thickness of the project while the machine does everything else.

    I have looked into hobbyist level welding classes locally only to find out that they're no longer offered. The next available classes are the ones that offer certifications and they run about $6k before it's all said and done.

    I'm hoping for some recommendations on how to build expertise as my current plan is to watch as many online videos as possible, read as many applicable threads as possible, and get some hands-on experience with scrap chunks of chassis to which I have access.


    Any and all input is appreciated. Thanks.