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welding stock exhaust on my o8 r1

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  • welding stock exhaust on my o8 r1

    lookin for some help.. to save my money, decided to remove baffles and insulation from dual stock exhausts on my o8 r1. edge prep all done, went to fit up and weld. to my surprise, it aint aluminum, stainless, or mild steel. that i can tell. help plz if able to identify base metals.

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    Should be titanium. Good luck.
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      Pictures please
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        welding stock exhaust on my o8 r1

        Think Elvis is right. I remember my FMF pipe was titanium. That means DC TIG. X2 on the good luck.


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          that makes sense



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            in addition to welding stock exhaust on my o8 r1

            do i need to purge cans wit argon when i begin the welds ? ordered titanium filler rods at 63.oo a lb. might be better off just buyin an m4 exhaust


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              Quit wasting money on more HP unless your a drag racer, If your a knee dragger then you want to put your money into brake pads, suspension, learn how to adjust your suspension and good tires.

              My 98 R-1 had more power than I could use when at a small track like Gratton, At Mid- Ohio I could have used a few more ponies.
              At Road America then yes I could have used more.

              My best money spent however was tuning the suspension and grippy tires.


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                For the best quality weld on titanium you really want to build some type of chamber to protect the weld from any air. Good luck, post some pics


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                  Originally posted by Envychops View Post
                  For the best quality weld on titanium you really want to build some type of chamber to protect the weld from any air. Good luck, post some pics
                  I believe he has built a purge cabinet of some sort...

                  BUT he has split this subject into multiple threads....

                  makes it much tougher to follow...

                  here is the other..

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                    R1 exhaust

                    I just did exactly what your attempting for a customer and dam it never took one picture. The problem with the welding is the exhaust is stainless and titanium. Thats why its riveted and spot welded together. I cut back the ends to get rid of the rivet holes and tig brazed the edge seams with silicon bronze after gutting the exhaust. Then riveted the end caps and trim moldings back on. I also had to cut the end exhaust tube back a 1/2in because it stuck out of the end cap to far. All in all the job was a time consuming chore. Cool down time in between welding was a killer but major critical. Short runs only. Good luck!