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Welding mounting tabs to a unibody

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  • Welding mounting tabs to a unibody

    Guys: I plan to add a few mounting tabs to the body of my project car on the interior. They would be small tabs with the same thickness as the body panels...not sure of exact gauge. But essentially sheet metal thickness and a lap joint. I am new to welding and using a Diversion 180. My big question is what precautions do I need to take to make sure I don't hurt the car's electrics. This is thin enough that I will be at low amperage. I will place the ground cable as close as possible to the weld area. Is that my only precaution or do I need to do more to make sure the electrical system won't be harmed in any way? Probably a dumb question, but you guys are the experts. I appreciate it!

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    Welding mounting tabs to a unibody

    Disconnect the battery in addition to keeping the ground close to the work.


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      Welding mounting tabs to a unibody

      I agree with kb on both aspects watched my father to it most of my life.


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        If your worried about hurting the battery then either disconnect both leads or none at all. I have seen on more than one occasion someone disconnecting the ground only & having the battery shorted out.

        The most important part is to have a good close ground on clean metal.
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