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motorcycle header with turbo

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  • motorcycle header with turbo

    Hi everyone!, I'll star very soon to create a racing custom headerto put a turbo on my bike. I need to know what materials are better for that proyect?

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    I've seen people use 304ss but iirc there is another grade that handles heat cycling better. What kind of bike is it?
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      321 is a stabilized grade of stainless that was developed to resist cracking in aircraft exhaust systems. It's available in various sizes and radii from Burn's stainless. The correct filler is 347 ... another stabilized grade of stainless. I recommend it for turbo exhaust because of the high temperatures.
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        You can use 321 but remember it's more expensive and less readily available than 304. A properly welded and back purged 304 manifold will be perfectly fine for this application.
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          Lots of guys are using sch10 pipe for this these days because it's cheap and easy to get hold of. 1.25 and 1.50 size.. The 321 is the right way but the bends are very expensive and like someone already said the correct wire is 347. I have a set of bends for a header in my tool box now that are 321 they came from Burns Stainless. You don't want to kill one in the process they will get your attention when you have to start buying replacements.