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  • Destroyed....

    65 Belvedere MAX Wedge Tribute car....

    While not strictly about welding and motorsports... it is worth thinking about the thousands of careful hours, spent meticulosly in welding, fabrication, mechanical, paint and interior...
    that went into the construction of this beautiful tribute car....


    how quickly and violently it can be undone...

    should be a good think piece for the younger crowd that never seem to consider the possible impact after all that exciting acceleration..
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    What a waste. That was a sweet ride.


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      Sad indeed. I had a '65 Belvedere in HS. Sold it to a guy and he never paid me for it. Found the car but he died a year ago. Car is still sitting...Bob
      Bob Wright


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        I had a friend that had a 64 Belvedere that he class raced in the 70s.
        That link has been disconnected or at least the content is no longer there.


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          Originally posted by big mike View Post
          I had a friend that had a 64 Belvedere that he class raced in the 70s.
          That link has been disconnected or at least the content is no longer there.
          Link isn't working for me either. Shame because I wanted to see it.

          My brother had a 64 Max Wedge. Early 64 with the 426 Wedge engine. The later cars had the 426 Hemi engine. My brother bought his from Blair Speed Shop in Pasadena, CA. They had a pair of them. His was tan, the other was red.

          He was racing brackets at Lions in '68. Last run of the night for the money, in the lights at the big end when a brand new Mopar tie rod end separated and the car did an instant hard left turn. From the right lane with a big lead, backed into the left guard rail and bounced off to get t-boned by the other car. Both cars were completely totalled. Even the Wedge block was broken. Both drivers walked away. Time slip said 11.27 @ 127mph. That means 127 mph spinning, crashing into the guard rail, and tumbling out of the lights with the other car.

          PS...No GoPro of it though...It was a little before that technology.


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            Found the pictures

            I located the story & photos posted at a different forum. In short, "A young man while high on methamphetamine stole this Black Beauty and crashed it into a tree at a reported 150 mph."

            Before: Click image for larger version

Name:	Bel1.jpg
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            After: Click image for larger version

Name:	bel2.jpg
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              Sad i'v seen that on another forum also that was a nice car.