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    Decided to go with a removable top, All welding should be finally done now, now back to the mill for final clean up machining, drilling and taping, and then a whole lot of clean up grinding. I layed some more weld in plenum around runners for final grinding. The half inch rails for the top actually welded in ok with no helium, next time i post pics hopefully will be all done.


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      Intake Manifold

      I think you have done a great job !! Keep up the good work.


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        That is an amazing intake. Your Work is beautiful.


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          If you showed it to me with out seeing this thread I would say it was not your first one. Nice work.


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            Thanks alot guys, I havnt got it done yet been busy doing other things but have got the top done, all that is left is finish clean up grinding now, That i know is going to take some time, Heres a couple more pics and a preview of what will look like on the motor, I actually really enjoy building this and cant wait till i get a chance to make another one. I will definately see how this works and what i can do to make it better, Find myself on pro e alot designing this stuff just for fun.


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              Beautiful fab job, but it looks like the outer cylinders will be running leaner than the middle ones.

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                Originally posted by H80N View Post
                and then there is John Marcella's work...... just inspirational
                (borrowed the link from another thread.... visuals are stunning!!)....



                Thank you so much for posting those links, those beads are awesome, now I will keep practicing until I can create such artistry. This John Marcella is a legend in my book


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                  Originally posted by foreverAstudent View Post
                  Thank you so much for posting those links, those beads are awesome, now I will keep practicing until I can create such artistry. This John Marcella is a legend in my book

                  Hello,What welding machine are you using?

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                    Originally posted by Engine Builder View Post
                    Hello,What welding machine are you using?

                    Hope he Has a DYNASTY... because you will never achieve that sort of puddle control with a transformer machine...

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                      Great job spence! For your first one you nailed it man! In Ny we have a helium shortage as well. The owner of my lws told me he can get it and couldn't give me a price on a mix but said trust me you wont like the price.


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                        I agree nice work, i worry about the runners running lean on the outside cylinders as the draw of the manifold u built would work well with fuel injection, but im almost certian it will have a lean condtion with a carb on the outside and rich on the centers. Easiest way to confirm this is to to run the car at wot for a minute of so and check the headers with a temp gun. Also unless you really spin that motor ie over 8k, we have never bettar hp with anything other than a victor junior.
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                          Very nice work, may I ask what the trick is to laying down a thicker bead? Bigger cup/filler?

                          I am new into tig welding and am only using a diversion 165.


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                            play around with AC balance and AC frequency.
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                              I guess he's gone... I wish we knew what equipment he was using.

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                                By having a removable top section, he should be able to weld in little dams or whatever to even up the flow, maybe.
                                why is helium an issue here? I'd have guessed he would want argon.
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