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    Hi Guys,
    Havent been on here for a while so i'll post the pics of my latest project. A 140cc shifter kart. I started with 1 1/4" Steel Tubing with .120 wall thickness and bent it up using a cheap Princess Auto bender (actually designed for pipe) but i used a grinder on the die and it worked allright after filling the tubing with sand.
    After bending the main rails, i filled in, using rough measurements off a professional frame but most of it is my own design including the whole front end. its basically finished now except for a few finishing touches yet to do such as to mount the plastic sides properly and hook up the brakes.
    Just a few pics to show it... i have more which i might post later if you are interested.
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    Cool looking kart. More pics are always good.
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      Thanks MMW!! I'll post some more pics of it tomorrow sometime.


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        Shifter kart

        cool kart...


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          I dig it. Simple, but pretty sweet lookin.

          Any speed checks on it yet?
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