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welding the frame of a honda motorcycle cbr1100xx

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  • welding the frame of a honda motorcycle cbr1100xx

    I fell on my 1997 honda cbr1100xx and damaged the frame section that holds the speedometer, headlight and upperfairing in place. Would it be wise to have the upper cowl bracket welded back onto the frame or to replace the bike. I would rather be safe than hurt. Please give me some sound advice. I would rather get advice from experts than from someone who wants to make a buck.

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    First I'll say that this forum has experts & non-experts so take any advice you get & use your own common sense.

    Without pics it would be very hard for anyone to say if it should be fixed or not. You didn't mention what kind of material it is, aluminum or steel?

    My advice would be to get the opinion of a competent motorcycle shop or at least someone who can see it in person. That doesn't mean you have to take their advice but just weigh your options.
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      Youi woulkd do well to seek the local "guy". Just about everywhere has a guy who does high quality welding as a side to other pursuits who will do the job right and take his or her time. You didnt list your location so it is hard to recomend anything, but there are literally thousands of real artists who will charge a fair price and do a quality and safe job. Ask around at the bike shop, they know where to find him...(they probably use him and would send your bike there anyway)


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        I live in queens and the frame is aluminum.


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          You mean to say that you broke the aluminum instrument housing?
          You broke the motorcycle frame?
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