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Tube size and wall thickness

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  • Tube size and wall thickness

    Hey guys, I'm building myself a Hyabusa track car and wanted to know the proper tube size and wall thickness to use for both square tube and round tube? Any help would be appreciated

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    You should check with the sanctioning body for the type of car you plan on building. We can give all kinds of recommendations that don't mean crap if the sanctioning body won't accept it.
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      Stay away from the square tubing it is not nearly as strong as round. All of my cages were made of 1 3/4" OD x .088 wall DOM. For peripheral structures I use .060 wall where driver safety is not in question. For the extreme front and rear bumpers use 1 1/2" dia .065 to create a crush zone.

      The key is you must use DOM tubing. Regular tubing will split at the weld seam.



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        The square tubing is actually stronger than the round tubing of equal size and wall thickness. Because the square tubing has greater area.

        But the round tubing is a better choice for cars because it weighs less for racing, and is safer to the driver in case of a serious accident. It just takes better fit up skills.

        Check with your sanctioning body for proper tube size and thickness and design.

        One more thing ...Many brackets and clamp on items are designed to fit on the round tube. Saves time.
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