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    I have a 2006 ford f250 cargo van with a blown 4.6 v8 motor with auto trans with overdrive.
    Question is can I install 2003 triton 5.4 v8 from a 2003 ford pickup truck without many changes and will it bolt up to the trans.Auto overdrive

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    give advanced adapters a call, those guys can mate up any thing to any thing


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      It SHOULD go straight in. Both are Modular Ford motors. AFAIK, the only difference is bore size, and stroke. The 5.4 is notorious for having head gasket issues though. While its out, I'd give it a look.

      Also might be worth checking plugs. Nothing worse than going to do the first plug change, and stripping one out in the a VAN.

      Externally they should be the same. I dont know that all the wiring will be the same, as I dont spend too much time under the hood of those. I smog them daily...but after a while, you start to just check for EGR and missing vacuum lines.

      Just my .02, but mount wise, you should be good.

      Also, back side of the motor, where the bellhousing bolts, should be the same. I believe that stays the same as well.
      Precision is only as important as the project...if you're building a rocket ship...1/64" would matter. If you're building a 1/8" probably wont.


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        The major differences are in the electronics and the programming may be different in the computer. Talk to one of the mustang racer guys at Sean Hylan motorsports. my spelling may be off on the name but do the google and you'll find them. Physically they are interchangable as far as I know.

        Good Luck keep us apprised of you progress!