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Metal Bumping? Shrinking an "oil can"

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  • Metal Bumping? Shrinking an "oil can"

    I've got a place on my Jeep that I'm working on and the sheet metal is stretched enough to create an oil can on the panel. I need to shrink it and have looked at a few posts on youtube to learn more about the process. So a few questions:
    1. Rather than an oxy/fuel torch can I use my TIG torch to heat the area?
    2. Would the application of dry ice improve the shrinking over a wet rag?
    3. Hammer and dolly or not? Some say it's absoolutely necessary, buy most seem not to do it.
    Thank in advance!
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    Nocheepgas, yes you can use the TIG a little more work, but it will work. The use of the O/A is used because it was the most common welding tool in the shops. Just work small dime size spot to red color and cool with a wet cool rag then next spot. Dry ice is over kill. Hammer and dolly works only use light taps but is not always needed. Best thing to do is practice on a piece of scrap sheet first. Hope this helps. Like the pics in other posts of the jeep progress keep them coming.


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      The best shrinker is one of those shrinking discs that is used with a lower rpm grinder or sander. It sort of looks like a pan lid with ripples in it...Bob
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