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newb question-weld stainless to aluminized exhaust?

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  • newb question-weld stainless to aluminized exhaust?

    Hi All,
    New here but have been reading for a long time, thanks for all I have already learned, but I got a question I need help with.

    I am getting ready to fab up the exhaust on my project car. I plan on using aluminized pipe for the majority of the project. I am grinding off the coating for the weld area. I have no problem migging the thin metal, I have done 80% of all of my other welding on sheetmetal. I am running 75/25 on a mig welder .23 wire - all there is good.

    The question I have is this: There is a section of stainless I need to attach the pipes to. Can I weld the stainless to the aluminized pipe using my mig and 75/25 mix? Or do I really need to get stainless wire and tri mix? The expense for that is a bit prohibitive for making only two welds.

    Will the stainless weld okay to the aluminized using 75/25 or maybe even flux core or am I asking for trouble?

    If the only problem will be that the weld will be susceptible to rust, I can live with that. I can use VHT exhaust paint or something else to treat the area. (the welds in the aluminized sections need to be coated anyway)

    Thanks for any input

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    see if you can get a small spool of 309L ss dual sheild wire. your 75/25 should work ok. some wires will recomend CO2 but for what your doing I don't think you'll have any problems.


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      Thanks sg I will look into that. So that is a stainless wire. So I can run stainless wire and the 75/25 to joint he two with no problems? thanks again


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        Portable Welder

        The pipe that yor welding is steel pipe with a coating and your welding it to stainless.

        I say just weld it with your ER70-S6 wire.


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          309L dual sheild is a flux cored wire that also requires gas sheilding, but portable is probably correct, your er70s should hold fine for what you doing.


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            Many thanks for the replies, I will give it a go.


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              Before you thank someone, check up on the prices.

              ESAB Shield-Bright flux core gas shielded 309 can run $20/lbs....

              If you want to buy a 33# roll (not even sure you can buy smaller) its like $600!

              What's a TIG welder on Craigslist go for?
              Con Fuse!
              Miller Dynasty 350
              Millermatic 350P
              -Spoolmatic 30A

              Hypertherm PowerMax 1000G3
              Miller Multimatic 200 - awesome portable MIG (and stick and TIG)
              Miller Maxstar 200DX - portable TIG and stick


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                I found this with Google but is still expensive:

                I would be tempted to weld it with regular MIG wire for mild steel.
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                  Looking at those prices, I think i will give it a try with the ER70-S6.... I like the comment about picking up a used TIG welder! Maybe sometime, when I've got the cash....


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                    Don't out think or out spend your self. Weld it with your currant set up and don't worry about it. I wouldn't even worry about grinding off the coating. I don't know what type of SS it is but most likely 409 or 304.


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                      I am not a welder so for me, it is a good idea to aluminized the exhaust.