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Mid-Engine Sandrail Project

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    Update. I picked up the brightwork yesterday afternoon. The polish on the aluminum parts and the chrome looks AWESOME.
    Console and shift linkage:

    Exhaust, shock reservoir clamps and steering:

    Transmission/engine cradle:


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      Suspension Bolts: The little details like machining the knurls off of the socket head cap screws takes more time than I thought but well worth the work.

      Smaller bracket bolts and misc. fasteners:


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        Well I picked up the frame Friday night. The color looks great. I am not used to having someone else apply my paint, I usually paint all of my own stuff. However, considering that I didn't want to wait until it warmed up a little to paint it and I also decided to have it powder coated rather than paint for a little more durability I opted to have a local shop powder coat it. They did a great job and it is pretty consistant for a candy color. Mike.


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          Here is a picture with the chrome transmission cradle set into place.


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            Impressive all around. I like the stack o dimes mig welds.

            Keep us updated with the progress.
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              That's an awesome looking sand rail!

              Hopefully someday I'll get to build myself a project or two. I'd like to build a mid engine sidewinder buggy, most likely Honda powered.
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                Well, I was able to get caught up on clients work and start some final assembly over the weekend. I bent and polished the stainless steel brake and clutch lines then assembled the front suspension and mounted the transaxle.

                The next major task it to wire the car and after that is should go fairly quick to do it mostly being just bolting things together. I have a few paying jobs the remainder of the week so I hope to start the electrical the first part of next week. Thanks for looking, Mike.

                This picture shows the brake and clutch lines that were a PITA to get symmetrical and evenly spaced.


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                  That thing is looking pretty sweet!

                  I agree that brake lines are a PITA. Especially when they are visible.

                  Cant wait to see it flying off a dune, or at least parked on some sand!
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                    Originally posted by On fire most of the time View Post
                    That thing is looking pretty sweet!

                    I agree that brake lines are a PITA. Especially when they are visible.

                    Cant wait to see it flying off a dune, or at least parked on some sand!
                    Thanks. I can't wait either. I wish I had more time to work on it. I have been busy doing paying jobs the last few weeks or I could have it done by now. I am hoping to have it on the sand by mid-March. Mike.


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                      I like your project and your workmanship is good.
                      Those tabs you need are available on the internet.
                      Bungs are available too.

                      Just Google tabs and brackets. You ell be surprised that you can get these tabs for a few dollars and save lots of money on grinding cutting to make them.
                      Here is a link to just one of those companies.
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                        Great looking rail. Keep the pics coming.

                        I like the plow on your wheeler there too in the one pic. A must have tool.


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                          i just checked this thread out for the first time... didn't realize what i been missin. Very sweet project. Once I get my own garage I've been wanting to build one of my own. If it comes out half as good as yours looks I'll be impressed with myself. thinking about using the whole cradle assembly, engine trans and axles from a 3.8L GM setup and making it into a rail. Keep Up the good work!


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                            Thanks for everyones comments. Not much exciting happening on it for the last week or so. I have been busy working on paying jobs and haven't had any time for my own.

                            Last night, however, I did have a couple of hours free and I was able to start pulling some wires and started building the wiring harness. Mike.


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                              On the home stretch!

                              I have been able to get a lot done over the weekend. The engine is in and the electrical is hooked up. I ran all of the wires then removed from the car to cover and form a complete harness.

                              All that is left to do at this point is install the turbo, plumbing to the turbo, boost guage and line, install brakes and bleed, mount floorboards and add fluids. After that is done it can go to the upholstery shop then ready to hit the dunes for some tweaking and fine tuning. Mike.

                              A shot of the rear. I love this view.

                              Looking forward.


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                                Car on the lift for easier access for fuel line routing.

                                Shot of the engine bay.