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Advise wanted on alternative materials

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  • Advise wanted on alternative materials

    Hi im planning to build a trike, i have used mild steel cd 32mm dia cfs 2.4mm wall thickness tubing in the pass but want to try some thing a bit different, i was looking at t45 or even aluminium tubing but as t45 is out of my price range can any one please tell me which grade of aluminium is suitable for car/bike chassis and suspension

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    aluminum not a good idea

    There is a reason that NHRA doesn't allow aluminum for frame and suspensions on any race cars that run with them. It has a nasty habit of failing when you need it not to. I'd reconsider using aluminum for the reason "just to be different". Try stainless or powder coat your steel parts.


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      i was thinking of aluminium as a lot of motorbike use aluminium for the frame so it must be suitable but what grade of aluminium do motor bike use for they frames