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      I'm so envious of you guys. These all look like great project cars. It makes me a tad ashamed to post some of the stuff I'm working on. Alas, my willingness to learn is forcing me to do so. I'll post some pics here soon. Thanks for sharing, everyone!
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        i only imagine this

        Originally posted by jeremy84olsen View Post
        Hi buddy... I watch the pics ! They were great ... Good !
        just amazing superb design and appearance


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          Watched pics. its nice!!
          Originally posted by On fire most of the time View Post
          Well don't everyone post at once.

          I guess I'll lay out the one that is on the top of my list currently, I've talked about it a few times, might as well put some pictures up. I should have her running in about another month.

          Its a 1970 3/4ton Chevy Longhorn.

          To give you an idea how long this thing actually is (about an inch short of 20') That is a 17.5' trailer. It hung off the front, and back.

          I bought it from a hot rod shop I worked at for a while, for $500, w/o a motor or transmission. Dana 60 rear end, with 4.11's, all brakes, interior, etc was there, only missing power train. Fast forward 2 years.

          It is sitting in a locked storage yard, behind an ex girlfriends dads shop. (I pay rent...its safe.)

          After working at jobs that lacked either pay, hours, steady employment, or a combination, I got the job I have now at an emission testing station, about 3 miles from my house. I also get a decent paycheck. This financed the following:

          It was (at the time) a 454 of unknown history, that drove into the yard under its own power...but should be checked out...oil pressure was acting funny. I did a compression check, leak down of less than 7% on all slugs. Awesome. I can live with that. Pulled a main cap off...could have made smoother bearings with a chainsaw. The engine BUILDER knew what he was doing. The guy he sold it to, didn't prime it, and it had maybe 100 miles on it, is my guess. Still had good crosshatch in the cylinders.

          It is now, a freshly rebuilt (and as of today about 5 hours ago) 468ci mill. I have a dyno session set up, to break in the cam, as well as figure out how much power it actually makes. That should be happening on the 23rd of this month.

          I also rebuilt the transmission, and installed a TransGo re-programmer kit. Picked up a fully brazed RV converter (should be around 1400-1600 stall...which I hope will be the start of the power band) This isn't the first trans I've put together, and I think I'll be pretty happy with it. I did some adjusting, and I'll be able to hold manual low until everything else fails, if I wanted to.

          Now, pictures when my hands were clean enough to grab a camera, or in most cases, my cell phone.

          Cam install:

          Test fitting the crank, pastigage clearance time:

          Rotating assembly finished:

          Bottom end buttoned up:

          Heads ported, lapping valves:

          Heads finished, assembling valve springs:

          Valve adjusting, in progress:

          Valves adjusted:

          Checking headers and valve covers:

          Headers shaved (notice air injection bungs are now gone) Headers wrapped, dizzy stabbed, wires routed, accessories mounted:

          Finishing up shift kit on the TH400:

          Parts used:
          .060 over 454
          Factory 113cc large oval port heads (now gasket matched/ mildly ported)
          Scat cast steel 4.00" crank
          Factory connecting rods, w/ARP rod bolts
          Comp double roller timing chain
          King main and rod bearings
          New cam bearings (forgot brand)
          Melling high volume oil pump
          Factory 8qt dually oil pan
          ARP oil pump shaft
          Edelbrock #7162 cam, with hydraulic lifters
          Edelbrock intake
          Edelbrock valve springs, keepers, and retainers
          3/8" Chromoly pushrods
          Comp cams pushrod guide plates
          Crane cams full roller rockers
          Weiand water pump
          Doug Thorley tri y headers (smog equipment shaved)
          upgraded HEI distributor
          Holley 130GPH fuel pump
          MSD plug wires
          Felpro gaskets
          ARP engine fasteners
          SFI approved flexplate and harmonic balancer

          I'm going to be buying the carb from the guy I'm having dyno the engine. Currently planning on an 850 Speed Demon.

          As soon as the motor is in the truck, I have 2 major things left. 1, install the painless products wiring harness I bought. 2, install a new gas tank, and run new fuel lines.

          Should be a pretty decent truck when I get it running. I'm hoping for around 500hp, and 500ft lbs of torque. Based on the parts I have, I should be right about that. The powerband should be right around 1500-6000 area.

          I'm just happy this thing will finally be running around!
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