Well the field is set for The Jeg’s/Miller Electric Competition Eliminator Shoot-Out to be held in Bowling Green, KY at the NHRA Division 3 race August 27th – 29th. This year there was a total of 52 cars that acquired points in their attempt to make it to the shoot-out. In the end, the top four point earners will run the "race within a race” by going head-to-head during qualifying at the event. The winner of this four person ladder will receive $2,000 in gift certificates from Jeg’s and the runner-up will win a new Diversion 180 TIG machine from Miller. The top four point earners for 2010 are:

#1 Brian Browell
#2 Ray Vierheller
# 3 Steve Ambrose
# 4 Jerry Arnold

We’d like to say good luck to these racers and I’ll make sure to give an update and let you know who wins the gift certificates and who wins the TIG machine. Now I’m a little biased, but this seems to be one instance where coming in second might even be better than winning.