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Welding Spring Steel

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  • hculbreth2
    started a topic Welding Spring Steel

    Welding Spring Steel


    I just dropped my 540lb ADV bike (g e n t l y ) and bent the tube steel pannier frame. This is the 1/2" dia steel tube frame from which you hang the two pannier or saddlebag boxes from on an adventure-type motorcycle. This inspired the design and inclusion of spring steel struts to connect the pannier frame to the motorcycle frame in order to absorb the energy of a fall and eliminate the problem of bending the pannier frame.

    My partner and I are totally greenhorns when it comes to welding. I would appreciate your expertise and advide. My questions are as follows:

    Can you successfully weld carbon spring steel?

    Can we expect a sound joint?

    If so, what specific spring steel, welding techniques, preparations, and prescriptions should we observe?

    Thanks so much,

    Howard C Culbreth II

  • yorkiepap
    Hey Howard C,
    You received the correct response from SundownIII......

    Yes, you can successfully repair/weld spring steel...... problem is that it's no longer "spring steel".

    Yes, you can expect a sound joint...... problem is that it's no longer "spring steel".

    Your last question can be answered by simply ordering a new part......


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  • jrscgsr
    The spring steel in the welded area (heat affected zone HAZ) will lose it's temper and act like mild steel. You should try to let it cool slowly to prevent the steel from hardening.

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  • SundownIII
    When you weld "spring steel" it isn't "spring steel" any more.

    Lot more mumbo jumbo involved but that's the basic truth. The spring will have sprung.

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  • youfoundtheking
    sure, you can weld it, but you will alter the mechanical properties of the steel in the area of the weld. Preheat and slow cool will increase your chances of getting a good weld.

    you didn't mention what welding process you have access to, so its hard to make any specific recommendations.

    also, the "welding discussion" forum is much more active so if you repost this there you will get more and better answers than the one i provided.

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