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  • Crossmember Modification for Exhaust...

    Hey guys,
    Here's a modification I do for my brother who builds Chevy race engines. A couple years ago, he brought the crossmember from his Buick Regal race car to be modified for the exhaust pipes. They were hanging below the crossmember & he wanted to raise them a bit. He removed the c-member after marking it & brought it to my shop. I plasma cut the lines, ground clean, & cut 3/16" plate to fit & weld. This was a prototype to test for strength during the racing season & after (2) seasons, it was sound as could problems. The fellows he races with saw the mod & wanted theirs done, so he brought me (13) for this season, (10) for his buddies & (3) to have on stock. These are for Chevy & Buick mid-size cars(Malibu/Regal). Here's some pics....

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    That's funny it looks exactly like my crossmember. My father and I did it about 15 years ago. Except we added a 1/8" strip along the top for extra strength. And we also modified the middle to bolt my TH400 in.


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      Looks like my buddy's old Monte Carlo, except we used a torch and a BFH, lol.


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        looks like it may fit now!!! LOL plenty of space woot woot