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How to weld a car floor panel??

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    I have actually had good results butt welding floor panels. It is a lot of work but the end result is great when you can't even tell that a floor was ever done on a car. I am no body guy but in working at a speed shop building hot rods I have came across a few cars that needed floors done. One thing that is worth its weight in gold is a spot weld drill bit! It saves a lot of work in peeling the old floor off of the floor supports and doesn't leave unneeded holes like a regular drill bit would.

    As for welding it, I have never had much luck running beads. I find it a lot easier and less risk of burn through/warping when just doing a bunch of start/stop tacks in one place then moving to another corner. Use a body hammer to work the metal into place as you weld to get the edges lined up nice.

    I have a picture of an old floor cut out and a new floor fitted on a 67 camaro I did like this but I am having trouble finding the finished pic. I will try to dig it up, but you couldn't tell a floor was done until you looked at it REALLY close and that was before high build primer and paint. I have never tried that hammer/dolly the welds trick mainly because it was always just me doing the work but it sounds like an awesome idea if you have two people. God knows I would have saved a ton of time, consumables and clean up from metal dust doing that instead of grinding the welds flush.
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      Another thing that helps is heat, weight and burn proof shoes (j/k...sort of) for pushing the new floor down and making it contour correctly to the floor supports. I melted my shoes quite a bit stepping down on a floor I heated with a torch to push down and meet the floor support to spot weld it. Almost considered welding up sheet metal toe pieces lol