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How far do i need to go in a resto??

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  • How far do i need to go in a resto??

    I have the Volvo p1800(pics on the previous post), but i hacked away on the floor pan to get rid of the rust by chopping and re welding new metal. When doing this, it revealed a bad job of a previous owner who had filled a rusted through cross member with bondo- Nice one pal!! Any way, i will replace that but i dont want to be doing a full frame up resto since i am not up to that. I reckon i can have it in good and reliable shape with an engine rebuild, paint job and new interior and other bits that go along with it. What do people think? Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!!!

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    I'm probably not the guy to ask........


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      Me neither:

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        do what need to be done and maby just a little more


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          Go as far as you want. If its safe and looks like you want it too that's all that you have too do.


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            go as far as your mind needs to go
            don't think about others and your body if your mind is ready your body will do it
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              Here's my 2 bits...first up - drive the car. This is key. It makes you smile, love the car. I've adopted this philosophy in my last few builds and it has always worked. Get it to the point that you can take it for a spin and then start dreaming. If you don't get this part right, you'll never know what you are missing as it sits in pieces, and it will sit in pieces. I power through builds - but don't advise it (my wife puts up with it, who knows why?). For the 1800, don't Ghetto anything, leave it alone until you can do it right. Spend the money only once. Just get it running, then cut into the body, then get the engine pulled and then get some performance upgrades done.

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