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1964 Volvo p1800

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  • 1964 Volvo p1800

    Here is some pics of my car that i am working on. Right now i am doing the floor pan since it is rusted out. I plan to do the drivers side then move to the passenger side next. I cut out the bad stuff then welded in new, 18 guage sheet steel. It was my first time welding so i didn't know what to look for in a weld. I have since come across this website and it has helped me tremendously! I still am considering getting lessons, but i wonder if i can teach myself to get good, and develop my own technique? I have since cut out the steel and am going to weld in for the second time hopefully with better luck. Any help/advice/tips about my car and/or welding is greatly appreciated.

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    I've always luved that design...keep us posted on your progress...good going +100


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      I always loved the look of those old Volvos. Are you returning it to original?
      Also for auto sheet metal work you might want to look into ESAB Easy Grind filler metal (MIG), it's made specifically for autobody work.
      Good Luck
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        I'm thinking i want to keep it original as possible since there isn't many around these days. I am just a beginner at car rebuilds and welding, but it is something that has always interested me. I think i will get lessons in due course. Thanks for the info about the filler/grind jazz from ESAB.
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