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weld-in bung/adjuster - please identify

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  • weld-in bung/adjuster - please identify

    can anyone tell me where i can buy the weld-in adjuster that is spliced in the middle of these control arms? or what the name is so i can search ??

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    Not sure on the size of what u need, but try or


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      The center section of that arm is a left and right hand threaded rod with a hex section in the middle. The two pieces to the outside from center are jamb nuts, then the ends are made with threaded bungs.

      I could make them for you. PM me about it if you're interested.
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        Thery are also avaiable at Lefthander Chassis,

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          Thanks Hankl for uploading information, its beautifuly elaborated, i think for this you may need different parts which include, ball joints, perhaps tie rod ends, front torsion bar adjusters, replacement fuel line, hose clamps, replacement steering coupler, some wire or light rope, urethane bushings, special grease. different tools used for procedure, big wrenches ,big ball peen hammer,socket sets, high speed grinder etc there is a long list.
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