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    winter projects

    working on dragster new motor this year run 8.90 index always something to do adding alternator and cooling system. last motor was blown slowing car down going naturaly asperated
    miller syncrowave 300
    miller radiator 1 cooler
    thermal arc pak-3 plasma
    130 mig welder


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      It is as cold as it gets in the southland, today never got above freezing. It is currently 18 outside with snow on the forecast(which means French Toast obsessions Milk, Bread, Eggs -buy out @ all local groceries).

      I have a few projects lined up, first off is a 12 point cage for a 24 hr of Lemons/Chump car series. Next is to finish the production model of the Stock Frame Replacement Turbo Manifold for the Evo 8-9. Next I have a few Evos to modd out with big injectors for E-85, then ECU tuning. Prototype a new EPM O2 Housing for the Evo8-9 and possibly the EvoX. Then I have a few Evos that are going Big Turbo which means a complete kit, clients are wanting to get into the deep 9's and keep it streetable. I have to get my Carbon Fiber/Composites production up and running, as well as drum up some new business. As for the shop the list is too long to mention. My main goal is to out last this economic downturn, grow my business, market myself EPM better and get back into the worldwide market with some new products that are innovative and not currently available...

      Yes, way too much for one that's how we roll here in the USA. I do NOT want to have a TV show about me...hahaha...Detroit Muscle...


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        I always have lots of plans and ideas.I don't always have the time to follow thru.A "Toys Budget" that shrinks or gets used for bills does't help either.But I'd like to build and install strut tower braces and subframe connectors on both the Camaro and Mustang. An exo-rollcage on the 'Zuke would be nice too.