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Nice exhaust Polaris predator need advice

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  • Nice exhaust Polaris predator need advice

    ok well this is going to be my new project i want to replace the exhaust on my atv with something new, what i want is for it to have lots of nice colors (once the exhaust heats it up )

    so im kinda new at the stainless (knowing of which to use) but i can make nice sanitary welds so need some help please.

    what thickness ?
    type of material?
    tig rod (currently have 308L)

    and any other use full tips and advice thanks

    and if any one has pictures of exhaust they have done i would love to see

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    SS will give some nice colors, but after some time it will turn a blue, to golden brown. (mostly brown) 321 is a good SS for headers. It handles the heat better than other SS. The filler rod to use is 347.
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      I agree with the SS.