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The miller booth at auto Rama in Detroit

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  • The miller booth at auto Rama in Detroit

    A friend of mine and I took our kids down to Autorama car show and while walking through the isles I thought I heard the high pitch noise of the tig inverter and I dismissed it for the humming of the lights above, It wasnt untill we were leaving that I noticed the miller trailer.

    I only had a few moments to gab with a few of the miller guys ( one guy named Dave) and got a first hand look at the new Diversion 165.

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    I was able to leave a couple of AL beads with the diversion there too. They had it cranked and it needed it(it would have been fun to see how long before it kicked off with that 20% duty cycle). Decent arc, other than that there's not too much more I could gather from my 2 minutes on it

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