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  • distortion

    i wuold like to build a chassi from scratch, but i am concern that it will not come up straight, due from the heat when i weld. do you have any suggestions to avoid this problem?thanks in advance

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    A jig, carefull tacking sequences, rechecking square before every weld and lots of big clamps will help.

    I have built go-kart frames on the floor using chalk lines and cement blocks, weights and large items to hold stuff in place and they came out great(shifter cart style not just briggs and stratton stuff).

    It's all about where and when you weld each joint, you can counter one pull by welding in the opposing side. There's a lot of info out there both in books and on the net about jigging and welding to MINIMIZE distortion (you will never get rid of it all together)

    There's a really simple book called "the welders handbooK" that has a lot of info and touches on this subject a little. it's rather cheap book and covers the basics of just about every aspect of common welding
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