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    I want to build a trailer for two quads. What I am wondering is which way should the deck stringers go? I am told that from the left side to the right side is the way to go (Pic1). I have been known to go overboard when building stuff, a common problem with steel burners I think, but to me running them length wise (Pic2) would give me a more rigid deck, keeping in mind the axle will be the fulcrum. The deck is going to be 10' by 5' with the axle 6" inches to the rear of center.

    Any help would be great, thanks.
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    Not quite sure how running the structure lengthwise would give you a stiffer deck myself. I'll assume (you know what they say about that), that your axels will mount to the outer rails. That being the case those members will determine the lengthwise stiffness. If they are the same on both designs they should bow about the same "in theory", regardless if the load transfers from the sides as in pict one (assuming the trailer's evenly loaded) or from the ends in pict 2. Cross stiffness would come from depth of the members and how they join to the load bearing rails. In this case I would think that pict 1 with more cross rails would give you a stiffer floor in twist. Almost every trailer/ truck bed I can think of uses a design like pict 1.

    Think about how you plan to deck a 5X10 trailer. If you use plywood you either need a 5'wide or 10' long sheet in pict 2. It's available but costly. Most landscape/equip. trailers I see use a design like pict 1. The cut down 4x8 sheets of ply or sheet steel, fall on a crossrail or the 2x's run length ways front to back and sit on all the cross rails.

    Good luck.


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      What size are the quads Do you want to haul them side by side or one behind the other? How heavy gvwr are you looking for?


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        The crossmembers must be placed from side to side to give the trailer any strength and rigidity. Running the crossmembers lengthwise will result in a very weak and unsafe trailer.
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          I agree the best way is to have the cross members running side to side, but i have a 7 ton trailer with three longitudinal frame members and no cross members.


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            You need both

            You need both, also your deck needs to be securely attached for additional stiffness.


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              if you've got big 4x4 quads like a Grizzly, I'm not sure both are going to fit on a 5x10.

              On my Big Tex 3500# 5X10 (which I had a hard time trying down 2 sport bikes on), the stringers run between the side rails, the deck is 2X8, screwed to each of the stringers. Since the deck has rotted out, I'm seriously considering redecking mine with AL diamond plate.

              this going to be a flat deck trailer or have sides?
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                Thanks guys

                Thanks for the information.
                Looks like from side to side is the winner. I didn't put them in the pics but I am going to weld in stiffeners between the stringers.

                Thanks again, when it's done I'll post pics.


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                  Listen to dabar39 when building trailers. He's built one or two.


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                    Here's a link to my trailer project I did a couple years ago.
                    Thought it might help you along with your project.

                    Good luck.


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                      Good to here from you Andy. How goes the schedule for race season for you.Bet that foreman you had on trailer project has grew a bit since then.
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                        It's been a little hectic but we keep on trudging along like everyone else
                        My schedule for this year is a little less than last. I should be out of town only 19 times or roughly 85 days

                        I may even get my vacation in this year.....

                        My little buddy is 6 year old now. He still likes the shop. Last week we built a little "robot" out of scrap metal. He likes to draw things out and make me build them
                        I'll get him under a hood soon.



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                          Left to Right

                          I Alwase go left to right for the main purpose that it stiffens the frame and also helps from from the trailer twising. I have built Many diffrent types of trailers as small as 5x10 utilty trailer to 8x50 semi log trailers and going ;eft to right is the industry standerd


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                            A Yamaha Grizzly is 81.3" long, almost 7 feet. To get two on a trailer, you'll need 14 feet.

                            If you use a plywood deck, you could place 4 cross members under each of the ATV's axles for deck support. A steel deck wouldn't care.
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