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Straightening A-Arms

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  • Straightening A-Arms

    I need to straighten the A-arms on the my Arctic Cat snowmobile. They are make of 1" OD x 5/32" wall low carbon steel. My thought is to heat the areas of the arm that need to be straightened and bending them straight. I am concerned about causing a weak spot where I heat. Anyone have any advice? I woud think I want it to cool slowly to keep it from becoming brittle.


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    You will likely have a weak spot regardless, because the tube wall has stretched and deformed. Straightening the tube likely won't correct these issues unless the bend is very small.

    If they have already bent once, maybe it would be better to think about a way of preventing this form happening again, rather than just straightening the already weakened structure.

    If it is just round tubing I'd be inclined to replace the bent section with new material. You could either try using DOM in the same dimensions, or maybe even go to 4130- that would be nice.


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      Before you go modifying them to make them stronger think about this.... perhaps the A-arms were intentionally made the weak point because they are easy to replace... if you make them too strong, the next time you land wrong or catch a stump with a ski, you might end up ripping the mounts right off the chassis...
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        ....or getting hurt.


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          I'd try to straighten them cold........if not a little heat won't hurt......a "little" is the key word . Dave


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            i would cut them through the welds and splice in some new tubing
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              buy new a-arms.

              then buy armor for them.

              do you really want to risk failure at 40mph for a few hundred dollars ?

              same theory behind helmets.

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