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Dart cylinder head welding

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  • Dart cylinder head welding

    customer has some dart big block heads and it pulled the studs out of the jesel rockers some can be helicoiled the others will need to be machined and welded . Now The engine builder said Dart does have a special rod for this that they have cast for this purpose has anyone heard of this . also with being the bosses for bolts and has to be threaded after My first choice would be 5356 over 4043 as I feel the threads would be stronger or am i wrong to assume this for most normal repairs im sure 4043 might be the rod of choice but I need as much tensile strenght as possible ps only ppl that have actually done this repair respond . Thanks Dan. also Im assuming I shouldnt use preheat to maintain the integrity of the cylinder head and try to keep as cool as possible during welding ?
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    Contact Dart directly about the repair in question. They are very professional in their approach to business and they will help, I have a friend in the business of building race motors and he gives high praise for their customer services.



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      Dandiman, as far as heating the heads up before welding I have a good aquntance of mine that welds on aluminum heads on a daily basis.

      When I asked if he brings them up to temp before welding he said he does'nt.

      If you need someone to do this I can get you in touch with him.

      I think he actually does some welding for Dart, Hes located in Livonia, MI.


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        Dandimand, how did the repairs end up going?