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OT How many are going to the PRI

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  • OT How many are going to the PRI

    How many members here are going to Orlando in December?


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    I am not going to Orlando but I did go to Indy the last 3 years that it was there and I am waiting for it to come back! It takes a couple of days to take it in so have a good time. I did meet a couple of guys from here and Andy was there as well. That show makes you really appreciate the scope of motorsports today no matter what your main interest is. JEFF
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      I went to Indy for a few years with the company I work for and Florida since it's been there. I liked Indy better because it was close to home, about 4 hours driving compared to 20. The crowd was different too. It is nice though to have everything in one room as compared to being in multiple rooms/floors. We were joking that in Indy they were going to start setting up booths in the bathrooms.
      I belive they signed a contract with the OCCC to stay there through something like 2012 or 15 so they are not coming back anytime soon.