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Somebody tried to steal my truck

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  • HAWK

    I am glad they did NOT get your truck! Thieves are usually ruthless. Sounds like you had it pretty well secured. I hope there are a few extra precautions you can take in case they come back.

    I know how you feel. I had a '68 factory stock Chevy Camaro stolen out of driveway. I never even heard them. This was many years ago and alarms were really not heard of-at least from what I remember.

    Good luck fixing her up. A few wires and ignition should not be a big deal. Again good luck on repairs and thank goodness it was not stolen.

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  • cruizer
    started a topic Somebody tried to steal my truck

    Somebody tried to steal my truck

    Somebody tried to steal my 2003 ford F350 this moring, couldn't get it started though tried to cut out my alarm system, starter kill kicked in. So truck is still there, now all I have to do is get another ignition lock.

    No damage other than a couple wires off my siren and the ignition lock.

    Right in front of my house, didn't hear the siren go off.

    Thanks to the last guy who had his welding truck ripped off, a day later I had a full system installed!