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dynasty 200dx, parameters???

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  • dynasty 200dx, parameters???

    hey everyone,
    Ive had miller stuff for 8 years. Ive had my dynasty for 3 and never need to tig weld with it till now. I know I bought the right machine but cant figure out how to use it properly. could someone give me some starting parameters for the following:

    1/16 6061
    1/8 6061
    1/16 steel
    1/8 steel
    1/16 ss
    1/8 ss
    i use straight argon with 2% 3/32 or 1/16 dia. ceriated with modified point

    I have tig welded alot of the above materials with another machine that doenst have all the bells and whistles, now i feel like I cant weld crap!!

    Ive been trying to read about the balance, frequency, pulses, but ya know i dont read so well without no pictures. So maybe like a little beginner chart will help.

    as far as miller equip i have or had:
    bobcat 225
    trailblazer 302
    mm 180
    dynasty 200dx
    thunderbolt ac/dc stick welder
    30a spool gun
    spectrum 2080

    now have the last 5 on the list

    I wish I knew how to weld someday

    thanks, rich
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    Well for somebody who don't read very well you do a good job of typing!!!
    I would start with asking, do still have the manual that came with the machine?
    It has excellent baseline settings written already for most of which you requested.
    Read it here or read it there you still gotta read it no matter what.
    My problem is the opposite...I read fantastic, but type like a third grader
    Miller Dynasty 700...OH YEA BABY!!
    Miller Dynasty 280 with AC independent expansion card
    Miller Dynasty 200 DX "Blue Lightning"

    Miller Bobcat 225 NT (what I began my present Biz with!)
    Miller 30-A Spoolgun
    Miller WC-115-A
    Miller Spectrum 300
    Miller 225 Thunderbolt (my first machine bought new 1980)
    Miller Digital Elite Titanium 9400


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      Rich, don't feel downhearted this machine is very complex.

      Lets look at the first.

      6061, I use a setup like this. AC, frequency from 120 to 250 this trims the arc force to a finer point.

      The balance should be around 60- 65, lower means more cleaning action and Higher means more penetration{based on the condition of the base materials**.

      Pulse I use alot of the time for different reasons, I use a low number.7 to1.5 for a strong ripple appearance, and if the material is very dirty I will crank it all the way up to shake the puddle free of contaminants. { the lower numbers give a strong freezing line that gives the row of nickles appearance**

      Stainless, I use the pulse alot to reduce warpage. here I usually let the pulse go at 25- 75 PPS and at 80% of peak and 30% background { this gives me a nice appearance with small ripples and the reduction of warpage, backstepping still required on long weldments**

      Steel I use no pulse and just DC.

      As for the thickness and amperage 1 amp for .001 of material thickness rules and exceptions. Aluminum raise it about 10% so for 1/16 {.063** I run 68 amps for 1/8{.125** I run 135amps.

      Stainless, .063 Irun about 60 amps and .125 I will run 120 amps.

      mild steel by the numbers .063, 60- 65 amps and .125, 120- 130 amps.

      If your puddle doesn't open up quick enough with the pulse on increase the amperage or increase the peak percentage try doing each and see how it reacts differently and affects the welding. I like the puddle to open in less than 3 seconds for a referance point.

      I am glad to help, but this is all I can think of right now, Peace

      PS where do you live?