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    most places here are the same way, nothing over an 80 and some only 60.

    as for filling, almost no one wants to fill over an 80 if its not there tank. i have an 80 and a 125 owned and have to drive 100 mil. round trip to fill them to find some one that was willing to fill for me. and he just put my tanks into his stock and now i use his tanks. if i ever move i can get one with a blank ring, but it still has his store name all over the tank. so i would have to paint it, then we have the problem of no one wanting a freshly painted tank when i get where i am going. could be a real pain depending on where i moved or who i sold the tanks to.
    thanks for the help
    hope i helped
    feel free to shoot me an e-mail direct i have time to chat.
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      Originally posted by Carl W. View Post
      Back in late 2002 I paid $2,506 out the door tax included for my MM 251 W/30A, two bottle rack and two flow regulators. I think the second flow regulator was a freebie tossed in. This Miller store 28 miles from home in the S.F. bay area. I went back the next saturday with more cash and got the promised super low price quote for the Speedglas 9001 hood. At 2 miles away the local Miller store was dead set on $3,462 before taxes welder only. Screw this. The Miller tech repair facility in my area said nothings different inside on the 252 vs 251 just the torch angle to make the same machine look totally new and the handles.
      This is how they can warrant the price increase for the 252 welder, smart as they pulled it off.
      My 251 is one great machine except I had to machine and add three different length tip holders then machine a different manufacrures tips from cylinder to tapered tips. This allowed me to weld up close inside the tight 33 degree angle "X" cross over pipe with different tip extensions sticking out way beyond the smaller nozzles that are available. I'm a "watch me" person.
      Your "Miller tech repair facility" is wrong when they say nothing is different inside. I use a 251 and a 252 at work and at least the software is different.

      Also, the suggested voltage/wfs settings are different for the upper end of the material thicknesses.